Day 6: Making money from your blog

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Day 1: Your what, your why & your foundations for your blog

We are starting blogs because they can be great businesses, so you need to think realistically about how you are intending to make money. This doesn’t have to be set in stone, but again it will help you to write your content.

There are tons of ways that you can make money from your blog:

Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is where you promote a product or a service and you earn a commission for every sale that you drive. I make over £5,000 a month from affiliate marketing, so be sure to check out my guide to getting started with affiliate marketing.

Display advertising: The easiest way to get started with display advertising is to use a service such as Google Adsense and Once you are receiving substantial page views then you can apply for an agency like Media Vine – they pay me more per day than I received in an entire month with Google Adsense. Display the code on your blog and earn some advertising income every time that your advert is displayed, and also when it is clicked.

Sponsored posts: A sponsored post is where a company ask you to write about them, their products or their services for a fee. This can be a great boost to any blogger’s earnings.

Make money from your social media: You might think that only the big names with hundreds of thousands of social media followers can make money, but the truth is that we can too! If you have developed a decent social media following then consider monetising your social media accounts with Buzzoole, SocialPubli and FameBit.

Sell related products or services: Are there other products and services that you can offer? For example, you would write an e-book or sell your services as a social media whizz. Writing an e-book might seem like a daunting task, however, I managed to get my own book published quickly by following some fantastic guides online. I chose a topic that I knew a lot about (iPhone apps to earn cash from) and set to writing. Once I had written the main content it was easy enough to format using the Kindle guidelines, hire a proofreader and then upload. I have now been earning a great passive income from my book.

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