Dating on Budget Ideas: 10 Ways to Save Money

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Many people believe that dates with girls from international dating websites require high spending, expensive restaurants, and gifts. However, you can always look for some interesting alternative and quite budgetary options for a romantic date, which a girl will also like. Meetings of two partners can become less romantic over time. However, anyway, having fun is not about spending money. Take advantage of the following tips and ask your girlfriend out.

  1. Don’t adhere to traditions.

Who has said that a fancy restaurant and a two-hour movie with popcorn is an obligatory program for a date? There are so many ways to spend time with pleasure and with saved money in your wallet. For example, you can replace a usual dinner with a free exhibition of paintings or an outdoor concert. On social media, for example, Facebook, you can find groups, which provide you with the necessary information about the free to public ideas.

  1. Go on a city tour.

Even the smallest city has places, which are full of legends. Make a perfect route, learn interesting facts and invite your girlfriend to an unusual walk in familiar places. Of course, you should finish the tour in the most romantic one.

  1. Stay home.

If you know each other quite well, you have already met many times, but you still live apart, then you can stay home and arrange a wonderful pastime. Cook a dinner together, choose an interesting movie and have a perfect date without standing in lines and communicating with other people.

  1. Get a workout.

Why not get some exercise in while you’re getting to know each other? You can run in the park, go to the gym or try some new area of activity. Besides, many places provide their guests with one free visit, so you can get a triple benefit: to have a non-traditional date, try something new and save your money.

  1. Don’t forget about a happy hour.

If you cannot or don’t want to skip a café, think about a happy hour when you can eat tasty dishes for a reasonable price. After all, eating and drinks are almost the most expensive elements of a date. Search for great deals in advance and ask your girlfriend out. Tell her that you have heard great things about the place and would like to visit it with her.

  1.  Subscribe to Groupon.

One of the most useful tips for dating on a budget is to subscribe to Groupon and other discounts newsletters. Many people ignore them in vain because these email alerts can help you find a great discount on many creative dating ideas.

  1. Don’t forget about the flowers.

Women like getting gifts. One of the most effective options is a bunch of flowers. It’s not so difficult to bring flowers on every, for example, the fifth date to emphasize another “milestone.” It is a pleasant gesture, which helps you melt your girlfriend’s heart. You can surely find a place in your city where it’s possible to buy flowers for almost free.


  1. Go to a free lecture or master class.

A partner who likes these kinds of entertainment will appreciate your care. You should register for a free event in advance since the number of seats is usually limited.

  1. Eat outdoors.

If it is your second, third or 21-st date, you can go on a picnic to the nearest park or buy something in a food truck. If you have been communicating for a long time, and you know the preferences of the girl, you can buy, for example, her favorite croissant with chocolate in advance. When you meet, you can take a coffee to go and treat her to a delicious dessert. Many girls will opt for such an option.

  1. Go on a long tram ride.

Some trips by tram can replace a sightseeing tour. Choose a tram with the longest route around the city and enjoy the views. Please note that rush hour is not suitable for this.

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