Cut-Price Venues: Are They Really As Bad As All That?

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In an ideal world, every couple getting married would be able to afford the luxury wedding of their dreams. They would be able to splash out on everything they can imagine and not suffer because of it. We’re talking white doves and a horse carriage to drive you away. The whole kaboom.

In truth, though, most couples dread the prospect of cost when it comes to their weddings. In fact, many put off making that commitment because they’re sure the expense is out of their reach. In many cases, we take an ‘all or nothing’ approach with this issue. If you and your man have decided that you’d rather skip the wedding than skimp on costs, you aren’t alone.

But, there’s no reason for thinking like that. Given that love is all you need for a successful wedding, cutting costs doesn’t even need to have much impact. You might not be able to fork out on those excessive little extras. But, you can still have a fantastic day. And, yes, that does apply if you have to cut costs on your venue. While most couples would say this is a no-compromise issue, going cheap on venue may be one of the easiest compromises you make. Here’s why.

The decorations make the place

To a large extent, even the most basic venue can look stunning with the right decorations. As such, we would argue that the room in which you’re based doesn’t matter. More, the issue is how you choose to display that space. Those flowers will look amazing on the ends of your aisle, no matter where you aisle is. By working with fabrics and a design which reflects you as a couple, even a building in disrepair could look like the most romantic place in the world.

A good photographer can capture beauty anywhere

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Don’t lie; your main worry is that your venue won’t look great in pictures. It’s a genuine concern which anyone would experience. After all, these are photographs you’ll show your great grandkids. You want them to view this wedding as beautiful, don’t you? But, a good photographer can capture beauty in any setting. In fact, this is so much the case that wedding photographer Vittore Buzzi states, ‘…it does not matter if you are going to be married in a castle or in a cabin in the wood on high heel or barefoot, what matters is love and true candid emotions.’. It’s hard to argue with logic like that.

Backdrop is often more important than interior

It’s also worth noting that the backdrop for your location is often more important than the location itself. It wouldn’t matter if you did get married in a cabin because the woodland all around would more than make up for it. Obviously, this is more the case for summer weddings, where guests will spend the majority of time outside. But, even in a winter wedding, a stunning backdrop is sure to have the wow factor your venue is missing.

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