Is cruising good value for money?

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We absolutely love cruising and we are currently planning our 3rd cruise. We really think that cruising offers fantastic value for money, and here's why.


Visiting a variety of locations

If you want to see a lot of the world without the effort of backpacking or multiple flights and arranging accommodation in several locations then cruising is a great alternative. Your cruise will include any number of stops in locations across the world. You can arrange some shore excursions in advance or simply get off the ship and experience the local culture. We have cruised around the Bahamas twice now and for our next cruise we are considering a Norwegian Fjord cruise.

Food, food and some more food

Cruise ships are often referred to as floating restaurants, and it is easy to see why. The food on cruise ships is out of this world and it is included in the cost of your cruise! Alongside breakfast, lunch and dinner you can enjoy complimentary room service, light night snacks, buffets and even Mr Whippy ice creams. Once you factor in how much purchasing three meals a day would add to your holiday, cruising starts to become more and more attractive.

Alcohol is not normally included – you can either purchase this as you go or add on a package before you sail.

Free babysitting

If you have children then you will be pleased to know that cruise lines such as the Disney Cruise Line offer free childcare. Obviously I haven't made use of the facilities, but watching countless YouTube videos of Disney Cruises tells me that there are some really fun activities for children of all ages to enjoy.

Broadway style shows

The shows on a cruise ship, especially the Disney Cruise Line are comparable to Broadway shows. Once you factor in the cost of going to see a stage show, your cruise price looks more and more attractive.

Onboard activities

There is always plenty to do on board a cruise ship, and most of the activities are free of charge! There are some activities that cost money, for example we attended a mixology class for around £6 each – we got to have 6 mini cocktails each so it was well worth the money. There are also usually films being shown, quizzes and so much more on offer. It really can cater to everyone, no matter their age or preferences.

Completely chill out

The reason I love cruising so much is that I can completely, 100% chill out. A cruise ship is only so big and yet you are never more than 10 minutes away from your room. I don't have to worry about driving, paying for meals out or anything else on a cruise.

Private Islands

Did you know that Disney own their own private island in the Bahamas? Castaway Cay is my favourite place in the world, and you can only visiting it by going on selected Disney Cruise Line cruises. Click here to find out which other cruise lines have their own private islands.

Our latest cruise

If you are interested in our latest cruise, we sailed on the Disney Dream in February 2016 and we've vlogged our trip:

Other costs to factor in

There are a few hidden costs that you might not have thought of. Within the cruising industry it is standard practice to tip the staff assisting you, based on a price per person in your stateroom. For Disney Cruise Line in February 2016 this was $12 per day per person. This is split between the staff who help you out on a daily basis such as your stateroom host and servers at dinner. Another added cost is the parking at the terminal, or your travel to the terminal. Be sure to price this up before you book.

Have you ever been on a cruise? Would you consider one?

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