Creating an autumn wardrobe on a budget

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It might still only be August, but with the odd chilly day we have had lately, I am already starting to think about those cosy autumnal days. Whether you love warm, cosy jumpers or layering, here are some tips on how you can create an autumn wardrobe on a budget.


Use what you've got

Have you looked through your wardrobe properly lately? Even with the best intentions I often find some clothes have fallen to the bottom and been forgotten about. I also put away my long sleeved clothes when summer is well and truly here and digging them out feels as though I have received a whole new wardrobe for free! You might have items that you have forgotten you own, hidden in the dark depths of your wardrobe. Utilising these can help you transition to an autumn wardrobe on a budget.

Have a clear out

This might seem counter productive – after all, why are you getting rid of items when you are trying to create an autumn wardrobe? By evaluating everything in your wardrobe you can decide if there are items that you don't want to keep. It could be that they no longer fit, or they have a rip in that you keep meaning to repair but haven't gotten around to it. If you haven't worn at item for 12 months or more then think about whether you really want to keep hold of it. You can free up space and either make money by selling your clothes on eBay or donate them to charity.

Don't forget footwear

When it comes to building an autumn wardrobe on a budget, footwear is something that I always forget to account for, which leaves me having to buy some emergency autumn boots. Not this year! JD Williams have asked me to put together a wishlist of autumn appropriate boots, and here is what I have chosen:

Creating an autumn wardrobe on a budget - footwear

They all look really cosy and comfy – some of the boots I have chosen also come in wide fit, making them a great purchase.

Invest in the right pieces

If you are going to purchase new items for your autumn wardrobe then make sure that you are picking quality items over quantity, and where possible choose items that can be used across a variety of outfits. You should love every item that you are buying and try to find items that compliment the rest of your wardrobe. Picking quality pieces means that they will last and wash well, meaning you can wear them for years to come.

There are some high quality items that I wouldn't be without when it comes to my autumn wardrobe. I like to have a cosy cardigan that I can layer up with, a long sleeved dressed and thicker leggings.

Learn to love layers

Perhaps you don't need to learn to love layers and you are already a convert! Layering up in autumn is a great way to build up an autumn wardrobe on a budget, because you can use most of the clothes you already have. As the weather starts to get colder I like to add on a cardigan, thicker leggings and then keep layering as the weather dictates.

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