Crazy lottery purchases

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lotto wins

I'm sure you all have your wishlist of items that you'd buy if you won the lottery. Mine include:

  • Getting a custom house built, in Grand Designs style.
  • Houses for all my family.
  • New cars for everyone.
  • Holidays and lots of them.
  • Shopping at Waitrose and M&S instead of budget supermarkets!

But some people have gone to the extreme, buying the most random items with their winnings. Lottosend have created an infographic about the crazy things people have blown their lottery earnings on.

Lottosend Infographic 2

I can see why the jet plane might be useful, but I can't help feeling that everything else is a waste of money.

Lottosend Infographic 3

Owning a part of the moon is cool, so there's no judgement here about that one!

What would you buy if you won the lottery?

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lotto purchases

5 Comments on “Crazy lottery purchases”

  1. I’d buy a house for my family. Then I would visit the most beautiful beaches in the world and spend there several months of doing nothing hard or stressful. Part of my wealth I would save for the future. I also have some crazy business ideas on my mind – so money would be of great help! Ok… Time to go out now and purchase that lottery ticket! 🙂

  2. I would buy a nice house and also for all my family and cousins too.
    I would arrange a big family holiday somewhere in a luxury hotel.

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