The Cost of Christmas [Infographic]

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No one needs to be told that Christmas can be an expensive time of year, but how expensive it can be might shock you a little to find out.

The team at 247Moneybox decided to conduct a survey and put together an infographic with the results.

On average families in the UK spent £1554 over Christmas, a significant amount of money.

The results also showed that one third of people will go into debt by using credit on the Christmas period.

If you would like to see the average costs regarding each area, see the infographic below.

Infographic Source

It is surprising to find that a massive 33% of people will resort to using credit to pay for Christmas. For some reason it happens every year and we are still caught short!

What do you think of the £480 average spent on gifts? It sounds like a lot, but then when I think about what we have purchased as gifts this year, it sounds around right.

As for the £471 spent socialising – definitely not in the Drew household! We try to have social gatherings at our house, which doesn't cost us much more than our usual grocery shopping throughout the month. It was definitely a lot more when we both had work parties to go to.

Over £500 on food and drink is what really shocks me – and I bet that most of it gets wasted. We've spent a fair chunk on the Christmas food shop, but that includes alcohol and treats that we don't buy throughout the year. However it is well below that £500 mark!

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