Cineworld Ely Opening Gala Review

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I live in Ely, Cambridgeshire, which is a lovely, picturesque cathedral city. You will find amazing tea shops, a stunning cathedral and a gorgeous river.  What you wouldn't find, was a modern cinema. We usually have a 50 mile round trip to see the latest films at Cineworld Huntingdon. That is, until now! Cineworld Ely has recently opened and I was invited to the opening Gala. Here's what I thought.

Cineworld Ely opening gala

Despite this long trek, we still love going to the cinema, and we love our Cineworld Unlimited cards. They offer fantastic value for money, which I'll explain in a moment. Cineworld Ely opened  on 12 May 2017 and we were some of the first to get our tickets booked for opening day.

Cineworld Ely Opening Gala

Cineworld Ely Opening Gala

Cineworld Ely kindly invited us along, as Unlimited card holders, to the opening gala. We would be treated to drinks, canapés, a look around the new cinema and a screening of King Arthur. In typical blogger fashion, we jumped at the opportunity.

Those attending the gala were a real mixture of people, from the architects who designed the cinema and leisure facility to us customers.  It was a fantastic chance to talk to people who have been involved in this project from its conception.

Cineworld Ely Opening Gala

Cineworld Ely Opening Gala

We were both amazed at how the new Cineworld Ely looks, and with close to 1,000 seats and six screens, we know we will be there a lot! We even joked with the staff that they might see us more than their own families. We had a tour of the upstairs access boxes, which allows those who have mobility issues to still enjoy films from the back of the screen instead of the front – don't worry, there is a lift to take people up and down the stairs!

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I have this little hack when it comes to choosing our cinema seats, so we headed to the screen Friday's film is booked in, and went and tested out our seats in a completely empty cinema. It was pretty fun actually!

Cineworld Ely Opening Gala

As a customer, I am so excited that there will be a cinema 2 miles away from our house, instead of a 50 mile round trip. We already put our Unlimited card to great use, so this is fantastic.

Cineworld Ely will be participating in Movies for Juniors, where films are just £2 on weekends and school holidays – making a day out with the kids very affordable. And for anyone looking for a fancy venue, it is also available for private hire.

Cineworld Ely Opening Gala

I was also surprised that I really enjoy King Arthur! It isn't a film I would usually pick, but it was great!

Cineworld Unlimited Card explained

If you love watching newly released movies, then you might want to consider getting a Cineworld Unlimited card. For one monthly fee (currently £17.40) you can see as many films as you want to see every month included in that one monthly subscription. You will only pay a little extra if you want to see a film in 3D.

Considering that the average price of a cinema ticket is £11, you only need to see one and a half films a month to make it worthwhile. If we were able to make it worthwhile with a 50 mile round trip, then you can imagine the savings!

The savings don't stop there though. Your Cineworld Unlimited card will give you some other fantastic discounts. You will get 10% off all cinema snacks and drinks, which includes Baskin Robbins and Candy King pick and mix – yum.

You will also get 25% off main meals at Pizza Hut, Chiquito and Frankie and Benny's.

All of these great discounts makes the Cineworld Unlimited card a great investment!

Get a month of Cineworld Unlimited for free

If you would like to get one month of free Cineworld membership then use either of these codes when signing up.

  • RAF-24VB-07EJ-74CL-16LS
  • RAF-07GR-59RW-05PQ-69UW

Please note that the free month's membership will apply after an initial 12 month period.

If you are heading to Cineworld Ely then let me know what you'll be watching!

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