Have a stress free Christmas with this Christmas planner

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For many of us, the most wonderful time of the year can actually be really stressful. From managing a Christmas budget to keeping on top of all of the extra social activities, there's actually a lot to think about. I find that I can get overwhelmed really quickly. Throw in all the coughs and colds around at that time of year, and it starts to become a big source of stress for a lot us.

This year I have put together a 15 page Christmas planner to help you to stay on top of everything that you need to remember and organise for Christmas 2018.

This include everything you need to have a stress free Christmas (well…I can't get rid of your in laws, so maybe it would be fairer to call it a more organised Christmas) including:

  • Christmas budget
  • Christmas dinner list
  • Last posting dates for the UK
  • Shopping list
  • Boxing day sales
  • Gift lists
  • Christmas card lists
  • Self care
  • November calendar
  • December calendar
  • Cleaning list
  • New Year's Resolutions
  • Blank lists in two different designs for you to choose from

I have already started to use my Christmas planner and I am so much more relaxed about Christmas this year. I am making sure that I take time out for self care, and every time I think of something for Christmas, I have somewhere to write it down to remember at a later date.

One of the biggest advantages is helping me to set AND stay on budget, not only for Christmas, but also for the Boxing Day sales. This way I can write down what I need and my budget before the Boxing Day sales, and stay on budget.

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One Comment on “Have a stress free Christmas with this Christmas planner”

  1. My late dad would say this is just what I need as I’m a list writer and I have lists for everything and sorr6 to say he would be right
    So I would love to win so I’m thenreally mega organised as being seriously ill I need to be well organised as I never know when or if and for how long I can be bed ridden at home or in hospital

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