Tips for choosing a new laptop

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When it comes to earning extra money at home, having a laptop has been an absolute life changer. Having the freedom to earn money anywhere I want, whether it is in the garden, in bed or even on holiday has really helped me to increase my earnings. If you are looking to get a new laptop then here are some thrifty tips to help you get the best value for money when choosing a laptop. tips-for-choosing-a-new-laptop-1

Know what you want from your laptop

Do you plan on completing online surveys and watching Netflix, or are you planning on recording and editing YouTube videos? Knowing what you want your laptop to do will dictate where you need to spend your money – if you are gaming or editing then you might prefer something with a more powerful graphics processing unit. If you aren't running any heavy processing then you can afford to lower your budget a bit.

Know your budget…

…but be flexible with your budget. Knowing how much you want to spend on your new laptop is a great starting point, but if £20 more will get you double the memory or processing power then it seems to be a no brainer. With laptops ranging in price from as little as £200 to £2,000+,

Know the jargon

Customer sales assistants are often pushed to make sales at a higher value, so you might find yourself being upsold a laptop that you don't really need. Knowing the jargon will help you to make an informed decision and help you to stick to your budget.

Know what software you need

Apart from your operating system (usually Windows), your laptop may not come with any software such as Microsoft Office. Purchasing this on top of your laptop can easily add £50 a year to the cost of your laptop. Price up the software you need before making a purchase and remember to include this in your budget. Alternatively you can look for free versions of similar software, such as Google Drive which is cloud based or Open Office.

Following these tips will help you to choose a new laptop to fit in with your budget.

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