Careers That Will Totally Change Your Life

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There’s a difference between having a job and having a career. Having a job means that you work to pay your bills and that’s where it ends. Having a career means pursuing something you love doing, and that you’re passionate about – all while making money! It’s never too late to begin following your dreams and starting a career that you’ve always wanted to. There are so many different careers that you could choose, but in this article we’re going to be exploring the careers that will totally change your life.

Police Officer

As you already know, being a police officer means enforcing the law against civilians, and being there to keep people safe from harm's way. Many people look at police officers as bad people, as people to be scared of when in fact it should be the complete opposite. Police are there to help you in times of need and can help make you feel safe if you’re ever threatened in any way. Police are expected to run into battle when things go wrong and that is a scary thought in itself. Think about all of the heroic acts that have been made by police officers in the last few years alone when there has been terrorist attacks. Pursuing a career in this field would take a lot of courage, time, patience and understanding. However, the job isn’t all bad as you will gain an immense sense of well being and relevance. Knowing that people feel safe because of you and that you’re helping fight against crime will completely change your outlook on life. If you’ve got what it takes to help the local community of your town, then this might just be the career that’s right for you.


There were many caregiving roles that could have made it onto this list, but being a nurse is definitely underrated and under praised too. If something goes wrong at a hospital appointment or stay, the blame is often pinned on nurses. If a patient needs a home visit and the nurse is late there’s no appreciation of what they may have been doing before the home visit. Nurses have way more roles than people think, and often being there to comfort scared and poorly patients is one of the most important roles they could undertake. It takes a lot of strength and understanding to become a nurse, but the feeling of helping people feel better (or the best they can feel) on a daily basis is the most rewarding feeling in the world. Much alike Doctors, Nurses have to go through regular training to make sure their practises are up to date and that they are giving the best care they can. If this is something that interests you, then take a look at online msn courses that you could take so that you can begin pursuing the career of your dreams. Remember that any career worth pursuing will be hard work, but the benefits that you will reap will be indescribable.


Teachers are the main moulders of the future generation, and they get less credit than they deserve. It takes someone really special to be able to control a class of children and impart wisdom to them, and more importantly, to make the knowledge stick in their minds. Controlling a room full of children is a task in itself, with so many young personalities and often children who need a little extra attention, it’s a role that can be challenging. However, hard work aside this career is definitely up in the top list for roles that will change your life. You will meet and get to know so many wonderful children, parents and other teachers too. There’s something quite magical about seeing a child learn something from you, and when you can see them excelling in their test results and usual school work, all of the hard work becomes worth it. Also, knowing that you’re teaching people who will one day change the world is an incredible feeling. There are many courses that you could take to become a teacher, whether you’d rather teach younger children or teenagers is up to you! Pick a field that you’d want to teach and go for it because honestly, you’ll never regret it!


It’s no secret that becoming a chef will entail long hours in a hot kitchen, and constantly being judged on your cooking skills. However, being given the freedom to work your way up in a kitchen so that you have authority and some sort of say in what food goes out, the presentation of the food, and the quality of the food is empowering. Creating wonderful dishes is literally a form of art, and when compliments come back to the kitchen it’s an incredible feeling. There’s also something very satisfying about working hard for the dishes that you create. Rather than doing things the easy or ‘cheat’ way, cooking everything from scratch allows you to mix up and improve dishes as you go along too. Not only that, you get to work with some people that will become lifelong friends, and you’re all in the same boat together. Imagine getting to a point where you could open your own kitchen and have full control over all of the dishes that are served. It’s hard work but it’s very satisfying and can eventually pay very good money. So if you’ve got a keen eye for cooking, why not consider pursuing a career into becoming a chef?


Being a writer means that you write about what you’re passionate about. Whether you’re into documenting celebrities, helping people with weight loss, reviewing the latest cars, or even writing parenting tips for other parents to read, it can be an incredibly powerful role. Writers have much more influence on people than they think they do, and a few simple yet powerful words can completely change someone’s life. The beauty of the job is that it can literally be done from anywhere, and you don’t necessarily have to work for an organisation either. Going freelance means that there are no limits on how much you can earn, apart from yourself! The more you write, the more you earn. It can become stressful at times, especially when you’ve got deadlines that you need to hit but you can’t seem to put the words into a sentence. If you feel like you’ve got a lot to say, and that you’d be a great influence for many people around the world then consider becoming a writer. Many writers eventually turn to writing stories and novels, which if successful could mean stardom and a lot of money coming your way. Definitely a life changer!


More recently than ever, the spotlight in the news has been turned on people that suffer with mental health conditions. This is likely due to the amount of celebrities that we have lost due to mental health issues. The fact that the world is addressing it and trying to be more understanding is a great thing, but it’s not really solving the issues that are at stake. Becoming a counselor means that you can help people who are struggling to get out of bed in the morning because they don’t feel like life is worth living, it means that you can help people overcome their fears, and it also means that you can take a step into fighting the stigma against mental health, and possibly save people’s lives. Doing this role takes someone who is strong minded, understanding, and also willing to go the extra mile to help the people who come and see them for counselling. Helping others realise that just because you can’t see mental illnesses, it doesn’t mean they aren’t real is a role that could not just change your life, but change the world too.

As you can see, none of these roles are particularly easy to take on, and there will be times when you wonder why you’ve put all of the effort in. However, there will be many occasions where you come home from a day of work and feel totally accomplished, and that you’ve done something worth doing. Don’t forget, all of the roles above could lead to high paychecks too meaning that you will live a more comfortable life financially too. So if you’re looking to totally change up your career and go a new direction in life, consider one of these careers for the most rewarding, challenging, and amazing times of your life. Remember that the only limit is yourself, there is always a way to further your career and become better at what you do! Whichever role you decide – good luck!

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