How you can make and save money when moving house

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In the midst of a move it can be a very stressful and expensive time, as such I, Tony from Thrifty Husband, have taken up the challenge by the people at Personal Agent to find ways to not only save money but even make money during the difficult time of moving home. Here is some of my advice on how to save and make money whilst moving home.

There are plenty of ways to save and even some ways to make money when you are moving home and the ones that I am going to tell you are all things that my wife and I are currently using to move home ourselves.

Removal companies vs van hire

To begin with my wife and I did toy with the idea of hiring a removal service. These companies will usually offer removal or packing and removal. If you feel this is a path for you then always compare between different companies as we have had several people from different removal companies give us a quote and they have ranged from £700 just for removal to £1500 plus VAT for packing and removal. That is quite a sum but can turn a chaotic few weeks into just a chaotic couple of days, and we all know how stressful moving can be! We could end up in marriage counselling!

When compared to the price of hiring a van and doing the job by yourself, we got quotes of under £200 for hiring a van for 2 days! This makes hiring a van the most cost effective method for moving home if you are willing to do the packing and moving yourselves.

Our move is costing us even less as we have a couple of friends who are borrowing the work van for the weekend and will both be helping us to move during the weekend. As such we have offered to feed and keep them hydrated with drinks.

Selling those items you don't want to take with you

As my mum has stated during every move you will always be finding something that you no longer need and end up throwing away. Why throw it out though? If you have the time why not try to sell it? There are plenty of different ways to sell items nowadays from the old fashioned but most loved carboots and yardsales, though during the colder months most likely best to using local selling groups on Facebook and of course there are plenty of sites like eBay (you might want to check out 17 tried and tested selling tips for eBay), Music Magpie, Ziffit and Zapper. I went through my games and sold £51.28 worth of old games to Music Magpie, CEX would have only given me half of that amount.

Sourcing moving boxes

A cat's version of heaven is similar to when people are moving, boxes everywhere! Supermarkets are very willing to let you take their unwanted boxes, most of which will be banana boxes which can still be useful for a move, these usually are at checkout areas or you have to ask a member of staff if they have any available. Other companies are also very willing to let you take away their unwanted box packaging though always make sure that you ask a staff member before helping yourself to their recycling piles.

Depending where you work can also help you to get free boxes, I used to work at a small factory who had hundreds of different sized boxes and if you were moving then all you had to do was ask a manager if it was possible to have a few and the answer was always yes, I know some companies might not allow it but it is often worth only asking if it is possible.

Local groups on Facebook are another great place to get boxes, especially in late spring and summer months (typical times people move home), as those that have just moved will most likely still have some of the emptied boxes and other people will have a range of boxes that could be used for moving home.

If you do need to spend money on boxes as you are struggling to find any then eBay, Amazon and even Argos sell bundles of different sized boxes aimed at people who are moving home. One of the best ones we have found and are using ourselves is this pack of 40 boxes.


During a move why bring in more items for yourself to then pack up and move? We are currently not buying any food other than the essentials, this is helped massively by finding out what we had in the freezers and cupboards and making a meal plan.

If you do have to get food in why not consider using Gousto, this company provide all of the ingredients in which to make several healthy and very tasty meals. These meals are also very quick and easy to make with very clear instructions. You can save money on your first order by using the code SAVE50 and earn money off for friends that you refer for future boxes. If you would like to know more then please read Cooking with Gousto.

If you do have to or really want a takeaway then you should take advantage of any offers you can find such as Domino's Two for Tuesday but you can also search online for discount codes or sign up to a Mystery Shopping company and be paid to have a meal out during the move, some of my preferred companies are Red Wigwam and Market Force.

2 Comments on “How you can make and save money when moving house”

  1. Great article. I agree with your conclusions if it’s a relatively short distance move, but for longer distance, especially if you have cars to move too, hiring a moving firm to do the heavy lifting on the day I think is a better option. Plus we’d have had to hire a second van, I didn’t realise we had quiet so much stuff until the movers were part way through packing their van, they got it all in their van but the way it was stacked was a work of art!

  2. Some great tips in here. It’s amazing how stressful moving house can actually be, especially when you start to add up costs!

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