How to budget for (and save money on) your car repairs

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It makes sense to save money to cover emergencies or unforeseen expenses. When it comes to car repairs, especially ones you weren’t expecting, they can be a serious hit on your finances.


Here’s some ways to help you build up a financial safety net, and some tips to make sure your emergency fund stretches further.

Budgeting for your car

A car comes with a number of set expenses – fuel, tax, insurance, etc.

To save money on your vehicle, it’s a good idea to look at where you might be spending extra money unnecessarily.

  • Maybe you use your car more than necessary. With summer approaching, hopefully bringing some sunny weather, walking to the shops instead of driving will do you some good, and, more importantly, help you save on petrol.
  • When it comes to your car insurance, it’s wise to shop around for the best deal. Don’t let your current insurance roll over without checking for better car insurance deals. Quotes have gone up by as much as 20% in the past year. Checking both online and offline could save you hundreds of pounds a year, giving you some extra cash to play with.
  • Keep an eye out for petrol stations offering the lowest prices on petrol and diesel, if you can save money when you fill up your car it all adds to the overall saving. It’s worth looking at to find the best petrol and diesel prices in your local area.
  • Consider valeting your own car. This might sound a bit obvious, but why spend money getting your vehicle professionally cleaned when you could do it yourself? Again, it might only sound like a small saving, but savings like this, coupled with other car budgeting on petrol and maintenance, means you can build up a financial safety net fairly quickly.

Saving money on your car repairs

Getting a safety net in place with sensible budgeting can help pay for unforeseen car emergencies. But there are also ways to save money on car repairs to help stretch your savings further.

  • Do the work yourself – this is where you can make some real savings, especially if you have an experienced friend or family member who can help. You can try tackling easier jobs such as changing the oil or replacing a brake light bulb, saving money on the labour a mechanic will charge for.
  • Scrapyards – try visiting a scrapyard to find replacement parts for a vehicle, like a door, body panels, or a wing mirror. These could all be picked up for a fraction of the price from going via a car dealership.
  • Independent garages – find a local mechanic you can trust and you could save a tidy sum on fixing your car. According to the Money Advice Service, franchised garages charge much more than independent ones for repairs – the national average hourly rate in 2013 was £95.83 for a franchised garage, compared with £60.68 for an independent one.

Tips like these should help your car budgeting stretch further, not only helping you to manage and look after your vehicle, but save on spending in the long run.

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  1. Budgeting car repair seems like an important thing for me to know now that I have a car. So, I liked that you pointed out that going to a scrap yard can help me save money on things like mirrors and other body parts for cars. That is a good thing for me to know because I am sure I will need to do repairs at some point.

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