Bubblews – scam or legit?

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The site & how to earn:
Bubblews is a site where, simply put, you write short posts (400 characters or more, which is roughly 100 words), and once they're posted, you earn 50% of the advertising revenue the site gets from that post. Every time that you get a comment, a “like” or “dislike” or your post is shared on social media, you earn. So you want to make a lot of friends, called connections, and mutually interact with them. You are allowed to post 10 posts a day, and you can add your own photos. There are 15 categories to write in, and your posts can be pretty much anything as long as they're in English and don't use profanity.

Payment method(s) & thresholds:
You can then cash out via Paypal once you reach $50 (roughly £31). If you prefer not to receive Paypal cash, you can provide your address and a link to an item you want them to purchase on your behalf and have delivered to you. I'd opt for the Paypal cash. Once you hit that “redeem” button, expect to wait 10 days until it lands in your Paypal account.

My verdict:
I really, really cannot make up my mind about Bubblews. It can be really tedious – you can write a really good post with lots of photos and earn very little, then you can write a post saying that you're going to bed and earn a lot. People either take their writing on Bubblews very seriously by calling themselves writers, copyrighting their work, adding a word and character count and running a plagiarism checker on all their posts, or people (like me!) post the most random drivel about their day, their lunch and anything else. The site is used by a lot of international users, who don't have English as their first language, so you need to bear this in mind. But because of this, there are certain times of the day that are busier than others, and the website also seems to go down a lot in the day time.

It is all about connections and interacting with others, and up until I had around 300 connections I was sure that this blog post was going to be a negative one. But at around 300 connections I saw my earnings increase. It doesn't seem to provide passive earnings – I've certainly not seen a great increase in my earnings when I've been away from Bubblews overnight. I've made $50.03 from 101 posts, so just $0.49 per post. I received my notification of e-cheque 5 days after requesting payout. I've seen some people mention getting $1+ per post, but I'm definitely nowhere near that. People have also mentioned being able to redeem once a week – again, that's not something I'm close to achieving.

But Bubblews is definitely not a scam, it's legit – even though tedious.

Do you use Bubblews? Do you have any great tips?

4 Comments on “Bubblews – scam or legit?”

  1. Hello Emma,
    Do you still use Bubblenews regularly? I was thinking of joining, but I’ve read mixed reviews. For example, some people write that after a few payments Bubblenews stop paying and offer a lame excuse that you’ve broken the regulations, even though your writing has remained the same. Just wondering how it’s working out for you.

    1. Hi Keith,

      Well yesterday I requested my second redemption, it took me 65 posts to get to my second redemption. I’ve not had any problems yet, and I have read about the same issues that you’ve had.

      I’ve decided that it isn’t for me long term. Too much effort for £28-£32 depending on the exchange rate!

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