Boot Sale Haul 2

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This past weekend has been a busy one – it was free eBay listing (I don't always blog about free listing so be sure to follow me on Twitter) and I was looking after Tony's 7 year old niece for a full day on Saturday. But despite that, I was determined to go and visit a car boot sale as a buyer, especially as it had been tipping it down the weekend before so I missed out on my favourite haunt.

We arrived at Skylark at around 7.40am. Their website states that they don't open for traders until 8.30 and open to the public at 10am. LIES! As we were paying our entry fee we were told that we would have to either park up and wait until 8.30 or we could pay £6 to be let in early. Um, no! I found this incredibly cheeky, and if we hadn't already driven over 20 miles to get there, I would have turned around and gone home.

We were finally let in at around 8.25 – if you've ever seen a zombie film then I'm sure you'll appreciate how weird a swarm of people heading to the same destination is! Loads of bargain hunters on their quest.

I didn't buy too much – in fact I only spent £1 of my own money because I'm poor until payday, so Tony bought me lots of goodies.

20130730-123301.jpgHalf way round we decided to stop for breakfast. Boot sales are the only place where it is acceptable to have burgers and chips for breakfast! I am normally way too tight to spend money on the food vans at a car boot sale, but since Tony is now working night shifts I never see him, so I wanted to spend a few hours doing something that remotely resembled a date – and of course eating burgers and drinking slushies fit this bill. Sorry for the awful shadow but my screen glare was so bad that I couldn't see what I'd photographed. Here is a hog roast burger with a slushie.

20130730-123308.jpgThis boot sale wasn't great – it isn't my favourite but we did manage to find a handful of bargains:
Staple gun 50p
6 pairs of scissors £1 (does anyone else find their scissors go on walkabouts?)
Cath Kidston purse new £2.50 (Might be destined for eBay)
2 x new Yankee Candles in small jars £5
4 new manga books £2 (destined for eBay)
Christmas cards 50p (yes, I know it is July. But they have cupcakes on)

Not photographed:
Cupcake glass chopping board 50p
Large framed silver world map 50p – now hanging above our faux fire place.

Overall, the best part of the day was just sitting with Tony having breakfast together; the bargains don't feature too highly.

Did you see my last boot sale haul blog post? I'll soon be letting you know what, if anything, sold, and how much profit I've made.

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