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As you all know, I love boot sales! Both buying and selling, I think they're a great way to spend a few hours outside at the weekend, never mind making money! The train that Tony needs to catch to get home from his night shift on a Sunday are around 3 hours after he finishes work, so I offered to go pick him up as long as we could go to a boot sale afterwards, picking up a friend en route. We got to the boot sale around 8.15am and already it was sweltering! I was very prepared and packed a bag full of bottles of iced water and cans of diet coke. We didn't even cover half of the boot sale before we had to give up. It was just too hot! I'm rather pleased with my finds! I won't go on about the pros and cons of buying cosmetics at boot sales – you can make your minds up on that one.

20130707-143046.jpgThe haul!

The boot sale that we normally go to has two kinds of sellers: The more professional sellers who know what their items are worth and will charge almost RRP for them, and the “clearing out some space” sellers. The latter are my favourite. I picked up this Yankee Candle for just 50p! The black mark rubs off, and it isn't a scent I like, so this one is destined to be sold.

20130707-143100.jpgI have a lot of luck selling Benefit on eBay at the moment, so I am drawn to those rumagable (it's a new word) cosmetic boxes most boot sales have. I didn't see anything much until I reached this stall, where I got 3 Benefit products, 1 Burt's Bees and 1 Too Faced, all for £2!

20130707-143115.jpgI have the worst time buying MAC at a boot sale. I normally come across very obvious fakes, and then some not so obvious fakes. This time it was legit, and I haggled down this eye shadow to just £1.50. It has only been lightly used.

I don't really know what came over me for this one. A Barbie camera, with all the leads, for 50p. I just had to have it, mostly for resale. As I was buying it I was told that there may be some nice surprises on it…since it was last used when the stall holder was 7. Ummm…

I love the whole “kitsch” thing that is in right now, and when I saw this Cath Kidston-esque table cloth, brand new for 50p, I knew that it would either make a great investment for resale, or would look lovely on my dining room table. I still haven't decided which…

20130707-143135.jpgAlthough I made a pact at Christmas not to buy any more toiletries until we had used up the mass we've accumulated, when I came across an Avon representative selling off some of her old stock for 50p, I had to get these! You'd be very lucky to grab a bubble bath or shower gel that isn't economy value for 50p. The Winter Warmth shower gel is my second favourite scent (after Snow Fairy by Lush) and I've been wanting to try the bubble bath for awhile. I was very good and stayed away from buying unnecessary make up or beauty products.

20130707-143141.jpgOf course I had to get some Lego! I always find Lego to be a great seller, but I think I may have messed up on this one. The seller wanted £4, which I got down to £3. It is in really fantastic condition, so whilst I think I will get my money back, I don't think there's much profit, if any, to be had.

20130707-143148.jpgEver since Royal Mail changed their postage prices earlier this year, I've noticed a rapid decline in the number of clothes I'm able to sell on eBay, so I generally steer clear of buying them to sell. However, I saw this stunning Topshop top for just £1.

20130707-143153.jpgAnd this also swayed me, at just £1 and if I remember correctly, it is also a plus size, which I tend to sell well.

As I was rummaging through the cosmetic pile on a stall, a seller asked if I'd take the whole lot for £1. Whilst I couldn't spot any OPI or Nails Inc nail polishes (which I usually go for), I did see some MUA and Barry M. I've not managed to have a good rifle through yet, but I'm pleased to get it all for £1!

20130707-143211.jpgI'm drawn to anything with cupcakes, and this was no exception. It was £1, but free because Tony paid! He's a good one.

And finally, the best purchase of the day. In the first aisle I'd seen some vintage cameras for 50p each. We'd already walked away when I went back to ask for a price for the lot. I just had a feeling that they'd be worth the investment. My phone had no signal so I couldn't even check eBay to be sure, and I wanted the whole lot – I didn't want to buy a few to find they weren't worth anything. At least with the entire lot I could sell them as a job lot. When I got back to the stall I was asked to come back later as the person in charge was away. As we were heading back to the car I went to ask again, and after some deliberation I was offered the whole lot for £6. Just £6! I got the feeling that the seller was expecting me to haggle, but I was thrilled to get them for £6 when I was prepared to pay £10. Most of them have their camera cases and a couple look like digital cameras. I can't wait to get sorting them!

I had an absolutely lovely day. My friend managed to get a Cath Kidston purse for just £3 and a Nightmare Before Christmas bag in fantastic condition for £1 and some other bits that I've duly forgotten. Tony got a blister and some very sore feet after being very busy at his night shift, and a very grateful girlfriend as he carried all my bags.

If you're going to a boot sale as a seller, please please please take enough bags with you! It was very frustrating to have to carry my purchases when at 8.30am I was told that a seller had run out of bags. I firmly believe it is up to the seller to provide both the bags and the change!

Has anyone else managed to pick up some good boot sale hauls this weekend?

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  1. You have had some bargains there , we went to a boot sale this morning too and I picked up some great bargains and like you said it was hot, even early this morning , I will be posting my finds some time tomorrow , at the moment I am sorting out my spare room and cant find my camera x

  2. Hi i go to boot fairs every weekend and i lover it, you can get some great bargains and sometimes you can find a nice item.

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