Boot Sale Haul 1 – The sales

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A few weeks ago I blogged my boot sale haul, and here I am to let you know what has sold on eBay since then, and how much I've made.

MAC eyeshadow bought for £1.50. Not sold yet
3 Benefit, 1 Burt's Bees and 1 Too Faced make up items bought for £2. The Benefit Erase Paste sold for £6. The others are yet to sell.
Barbie camera bought for 50p – not listed yet
Topshop top bought for £1. Not sold yet
Assorted Lego bought for £3. Sold for £8.50
Dress for £1 – not listed yet
Bag of assorted cosmetics bought for £1. Nail polishes have sold for £3.39, yet to list the other items.

And finally, remember the job lot of cameras I bought for just £6?

Well, I really maxed out on these. I listed them for start prices between 99p-£1.99 and just one of the cameras sold for…wait for it….£52.01! Other camera sales have totaled £17.12 and I've still got over 25 cameras left. They're all listed on eBay for 99p now, and whatever doesn't sell will be put into one last job lot.

So far, so good. The items have cost me £16 and so far I've made £87.02 before eBay and Paypal fees. Pretty good going, isn't it?

4 Comments on “Boot Sale Haul 1 – The sales”

  1. Wow, I’d never think to buy things from car boots to sell on. I tend to go and get disappointed that there’s never anything I want there. This is a fabulous idea, well done!

  2. Well Done – just takes a bit of time and effort doesn’t it and sometimes the majority of people just can’t be bothered, I keep telling my son that no-one will look after his money as well as he can and money tends to come with hard work. He made me laugh last week though – he bought a multi pack of sweets for 50p and sold the packets individually for 50p each -he was thrilled

    Thank you for sharing

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