Boot sale finds

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I love a good rummage around a boot sale, and the past few months have been great for finding amazing things for sale. I'm on the lookout for things to resell on eBay, Nice Things for me and wedding stuff. I've started posting some of my hauls to YouTube (here is my most recent one including a dressing table mirror!) but I thought I'd share some of my other finds with you.


From Oakington bootsale, Cambridgeshire

The first boot sale of the year, and my high expectations were more than met. In fact, it was our best haul this year so far.

Selection of 3 chilli oils £2
Large bottle of Snow Fairy £2
Soap and Glory sugar scrub £1
Soap and Glory clean girls shower gel £1
“Stuff that doesn't go anywhere else” tin 20p
Two boxes of complete Warhammer £6
3 Disney snowglobes £6
All those games £4.40
Clarins toiletries £5
2 Yankee Candles £1
Disney princess  crayons 10p


From Fordham bootsale, Cambridgeshire

Disney princess goodies £1 (can you guess the theme of our wedding yet?)
3 books £1
Tangled book 50p
Wooden heart bowl 50p
Brand new Filofax 50p
Dove deodorant £1
Nails Inc nail polish 20p

What do you think of our hauls?

6 Comments on “Boot sale finds”

  1. Can’t believe you got that Filofax for 50p – total bargain. I so need to do a car boot sale I have loads of stuff I need to offload. Just have to resist looking at the others though else I will spend as quick as I make:)

    1. It is the burger vans that get me! The smell of bacon sarnies drifting over when I’ve been awake since 5am….

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