Boost Blog Traffic And Earn More Money Instantly

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We all know that blogs are a great way to earn a passive income. You can earn enough money from a blog to quit your day job and take up blogging full-time. However, this is only possible when you get a nice stream of web traffic coming to your site.

Speaking of which, do you want to know how you can boost your blog traffic and earn more money right away? Why am I even asking this….of course you do! Here are a few ideas that won’t just boost your traffic right away, but will help you gain more and more traffic in the future.

Learn The Basics Of Digital Marketing

Let’s face it, you’re fighting a losing battle if you don’t understand the basics of modern digital marketing. Once you learn this, everything becomes much easier. You start to realize why you do certain things, and you begin to notice new opportunities. There are plenty of online digital marketing courses you can take and gain qualifications in a matter of months. This helps you figure out a proper marketing strategy for your blog, which you can apply and use for many years to come. If you want a prolonged web traffic boost, then this is a great place to start.

Write Posts That Link To Current Events/Trendy Topics

No matter what type of blog you run, there’s always a way for you to link posts to popular events. Just look at my blog as an example, it’s mainly about making money, but I’ve managed to shoehorn in a post about the football World Cup! It’s still relevant to the blog, but it will draw in a lot of traffic because the title uses a popular keyword and it’s something a lot of people will be searching for right now. So, think about this when you’re writing blog posts. Write about topics that people are currently going to be interested in and searching for.

Share Everything On Social Media

A great way of getting loads of people to click on your blog is to share links to posts on social media. Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook; whatever, just share your posts. Use hashtags to gain more traction and ensure your social media posts are seen by more people. This helps you bring in a target audience too, which may result in some more loyal readers. What’s more, get other people to share things on social media too. I’m sure friends & family will help out, but try and get your existing audience involved also. Perhaps run a small competition where someone can win something. The trick is that they need to share a blog post to enter the contest. This can give you an initial influx of traffic while bringing in some target audience members that stick around too.

Why do you need to focus so much attention on boosting your blog traffic? Because the more traffic your site receives, the more money you can potentially make from adverts and sponsors. Brands will pay more to sponsor a blog that brings in lots of targeted traffic every day. Likewise, online ads become more valuable when you have more people viewing/clicking on them.


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