Blogging challenge day 9

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Blogging challenge day 9 – as part of the Money Making Mastermind Group. View day 8 here.

Day 9 is filling your content calendar until the end of April.

By now you should have already installed WP Editorial Calendar, but even if you aren't using WordPress then this step is vital. You are going to come up with all your blog posts between us launching and put the titles into your editorial calendar. If you don't have the editorial calendar then you can use anything – a diary, an online calendar, etc.

Think about how many times a week you want to blog, whether there is anything seasonal you want to write about (Halloween for example) and how to time this well. You might want to have a theme for different days – Up Your Wealth Wednesday (thanks Bex for the idea), Money Monday, Meal Planning Monday, etc.

Stuck for content ideas? Why not visit Pinterest and see what's popular (has a lot of repins) and whether it will fit into your niche.

Don't worry, you aren't writing all the blog posts today, but this will help you to have a plan when it comes to writing.

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