Blogging challenge day 7

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Blogging challenge day 7 – as part of the Money Making Mastermind Group. View day 5 here.

Day 7 is where we are going to install useful plugins for our WordPress website. If you aren't using WordPress then stick around for installing Google Analytics.

Plugins – what they are and why we like them

Plugins are essential to building an awesome blog. They help you to customise your blog and add in some useful information and applications.

How to install plugins on WordPress

On your WordPress website, log in and navigate to plugins on the left hand menu. From here you can add plugins and see ones that you already have installed. Remember to activate your plugins after installing.

Editing or setting up your plugins can be in a variety of places. Typically they add a menu option on your left hand menu, although they might be hiding behind another menu item such as settings.

You need this plugin by law

By law, you need to let visitors to your website know that you use cookies. You are using cookies if you are using Google Analytics, display advertising or affiliate marketing. The best and easiest plugin I have found for this is one called Cookie Law Info.

If this, then that

This isn't a plugin, but you should definitely sign up! IFTTT (If this, then that) is a great website where you can create “recipes” that are triggered when something happens. For example, I have a recipe that says every time I post a picture to Instagram, post it to my Twitter account too. Of course, you can share your photos on Twitter from Instagram, but it just gives the Instagram link instead of popping the photo on to Twitter. Here is a post at Bonjour Blogger about IFTTT.


Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that comes with SO MUCH good stuff. For example, it shows me my stats and I have related posts at the bottom of all my blog posts.


Sumome is another one of these awesome plugins that does a LOT! The tools that I use on my blog are the heat maps which show you where people click on your posts (this is really useful!), a pop up asking people to register for my newsletter (disclaimer, I HATE these pop ups. But after installing it I went from one subscriber a day (on a good day!) to over 10 a day.) and the sharing feature.

Even if you aren't going to have a newsletter now, or you're unsure, it is worth collecting email addresses! I wish I had started this from the beginning. If you are looking to make money from your blog then you can send super targeted emails to people who really want to hear what you have to say, and are likely to buy whatever you are selling – even if you are just trying to get them to come read your latest post.

I haven't paid to upgrade Sumome, so it doesn't automatically add emails to my newsletter subscribers. Once a week I download the CSV and drag and drop it into CovertKit to import the new subscribers.


This is a feature within Jetpack that you will love. Connect your social media channels once and then when your new posts are published it will automatically share them on whichever social media channels you connected. This saves SO much time!

Pin this

A great plugin for Pinterst, it allows you to hover over an image and a “pin this” button appears. I have actually just made the switch to turning on “image sharer” in Sumome from “Pin this button from Pinterest”.

Google Analytics

You should have registered for Google Analytics the other day, and now is the time to install it! You can pick a plugin where you just need to place your tracking id into it once and it will track everything – I highly recommend this! I simply use Google Analyticator.


Yoast is one of the best plugins I have used in order to drive traffic to my blog. After you have installed it, as you are writing your blog posts there is a traffic light system. It will prompt you to change things in your post to turn the light green, which means it is great for search engines to find it. It also looks at your readability and gives you suggestions on improving it.

WordPress Editorial Calendar

Right now you've probably got 50,000 blog ideas whizzing around your head. This is where WordPress Editorial Calendar helps me. It shows me a calendar and I can start dragging and dropping posts around to suit me. For example if I had a post ready for next Monday, but someone has asked for a sponsored post for next Monday, I can just drag and drop it to another day and it will change everything for me without having to actually go into the post, change the date and then save.

It is also great for drafting ideas and seeing where they will fit in well together.


This is a must have plugin for protecting your blog from TONS of spam comments.

WordPress Database Backup

The name says it all!

If there are any other must have WordPress plugins then please pop over to the Facebook group and let us know which plugins you love.

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