Blogging challenge day 6

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Blogging challenge day 6 – as part of the Money Making Mastermind Group. View day 5 here.

Day 6 is where we are going to configure our social media accounts, using the colours, fonts and logo we chose earlier in the month.

To be a complete pain in the backside, every social media channel has different sizes for the images that they need. Some social media channels now need two images – one as a header or cover and one as your profile picture.

You can use Canva to make your images for social media, and use the colours and fonts you picked earlier in the course. Here is a great cheat sheet to help you know the image sizes you need for all your social media accounts.

Once you have created all of your images, upload them to each social media channel and make sure they look awesome. Whilst you are here you can write your bio for each channel and leave a link to your blog.

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