Blogging challenge day 4

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Blogging challenge day 4 – as part of the Money Making Mastermind Group. View day 3 here.

Day 4 is where we are going to choose a theme and install it, pick colours and choose our corporate identity.

Creating a ~brand~

When you want to blog as a business, you need to have a strong brand. Part of this means having a great looking website that is easy to navigate and pictures that are instantly recognisable as your brand. There is a lot that goes into building your brand, but for today we are going to think about your image – how your blog looks, the colours you use, your header and also your fonts. This is my favourite part of building any website!

Picking a theme

Picking a theme is so important to your blog. There are tons of free and premium themes around, and you do get what you pay for! I switched to the Genesis framework and a child theme from Studiopress a few years ago, and it has made a massive difference. Customising my blog is SO easy now, I never have to fiddle with coding. My latest theme is Brunch Pro and I absolutely LOVE how it works, how to customise it and how different it can look. My husband uses the same theme as me, and yet our blogs look different:



Click to see it bigger


Click to see it bigger

What I am trying to say is that you don't need to be afraid to pick a theme because someone else is using it. Your website can look completely different, or pretty similar, depending on how you set it up.

Before you start looking for a theme, think about how you want your website to look. Visit a few of your favourite blogs and take away things you love about them. Then think about things like whether you want a sidebar and use those criteria to find a blog theme that you love!

Whether you are choosing a free theme (there are some here) or a paid theme, make sure that it is mobile responsive. This means that it will automatically work magic to fit on mobile devices and it helps your search engine rankings.

Install themes is super easy – log in to your dashboard and click on Appearance>Themes>Add new. Make sure to activate it after you have installed it.

To customise your theme, go to Appearance>Customise

Getting a logo from Fiverr

Having a logo for your blog will help to bring your whole brand together. You can get an awesome cartoon logo from this seller on Fiverr – unfortunately these are no longer free. Fiverr is pretty awesome for odd jobs too! Make sure to send your colours and fonts that you choose in the next few steps.

Choosing your colours

This is by far my favourite bit, and it is all thanks to a wonderful website called ColorLovers. I am so bad at choosing colours that go together, but on ColorLovers someone has already done the hard work for me. I start by thinking of themes – in this example you can see that I've searched for the phrase “money”, and it shows me tons of colour palettes that work well together. You might even recognise the second result, the palette known as “rich kids” – yep, it is the one I use! You can do this for any phrase and start to narrow down your colour choices.


Find a colour palette that you like – you might want to pop over to Canva to see how the colours work together, by placing text of one colour above a background of another.

Choosing your fonts

This isn't a requirement, I actually like to mix up my fonts on my images, but if you want to really bring your brand together then you might want to consider having the same set of fonts for your images. I would suggest trying them out on Canva.

Don't spend all your time here

Creating your brand and your ~corporate identity~ is great, but remember that you can change it later if something isn't working for you. I think I am on my 5th design by now. If you let it then this will bug you for ages – set a time limit and then MOVE ON!

Some branding that I love

Oh So Amelia – this website is SO frickin cute! It is bright and the pinnable images are totally on brand. Despite having very little interest in reading many blogs on parenting topics, Kerry keeps me coming back!

Mom Makes Cents – again, a really attractive website! The Pinterest images are great and the website flows well. PS whilst you're there, sign up for the FREE Pinterest course.

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  1. I know it sounds a silly question but I am still not entirely clear what the difference between a blog and a website is? Do you have separate sites or do you combine the two?

    1. They are the same thing lovely. So you’d set up your site and decide how you want to run it depending on what you’re writing about.

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