Blogging challenge day 3

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Blogging challenge day 3 – as part of the Money Making Mastermind Group. View day 2 here.

Day 3 is where we are going to set up our blog email address and register for Google Analytics.

Setting up your email address

Having [email protected] as an email address makes you look really professional and helps to advertise your own domain, and not somewhere like Gmail. You can easily create your email address for free with your hosting package.

I would strongly advise that you connect your blog email with a Gmail account, one with a name relating to your blog. I have [email protected] and [email protected]

Please note that if you do connect your email with Gmail, there can be up to a two hour delay in receiving your email. There is a hack in the link above to solve this, but personally I can live with a delay.

Register for Google Analytics

Now that you have your new email address, it is time to start signing up for some of the services you will need. The first one you need to register for is Google Analytics. This is going to tell you how many people are visiting your blog, where they are coming from as well as lots of useful information including their demographics.

Google Analytics is free to use and really easy to set up. Even better – today all you are doing is registering, you don't need to install any of the tracking onto your website today, but if you do then you'll just get ahead of us and free up some time later in the month.

Register for Google Analytics here.

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