Blogging challenge day 18

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Blogging challenge day 18 – as part of the Money Making Mastermind Group. View day 17 here.

Day 18 is a writing day. WE LAUNCH TOMORROW

There's not much to it…just get writing all those blog posts. Today there is nothing else to do but focus on writing.

Here are some of my top writing resources:

Before You Hit Publish, Here Are 10 Things To Do With Your Blog Content

7 Awesome Tips For Writing Brilliant Blog Posts

How to write killer content your readers will be obsessed with

How to write emotive headlines

How I learned to write every day

Designing blog templates

Schedule posts

The goal today is to write. To help you plan your time there will be 7 whole days set aside just for writing, but this also includes creating your images (I do at least two per post, one 800×800 featured image and one Pinterest image), YOASTing (or whichever SEO plugin you are using) and scheduling your posts to go live according to your content calendar.

We launch tomorrow

WOWSER! How did we get here so fast? As well as finishing off any writing, today you need to finish off anything that you haven't quite got around to.

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