What to blog about when you don’t have anything to blog about

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when you don't have anything to blog about

Blogging is a great business for many people, offering flexibility and an unlimited earning potential. Lots of people are choosing to set up a blog with a view to turning it into a full time career. What about if you have no idea what you could blog about? Here's what to blog about when you don't have anything to blog about.

when you don't have anything to blog about

Why blogging is a great business

Blogging is a great business because it offers you the flexibility to work when you want from wherever you want to work from. It could be that you are a parent who has to juggle family life with a career. Or, like myself, you might struggle with mental health and being your own boss helps to alleviate any anxiety that comes with letting your place of work down. Whatever your motivation for needing flexible work, blogging gives you that.

Blogging also comes with unlimited earning potential. I have turned my blog into a six-figure business, and I love seeing it grow.

Blogging is also a great creative outlet, and it allows you to help other people. But knowing what to blog about when you don't have anything to blog about is really tough. In this blog post I have come up with some ideas for things you can blog about.

Blog to grow your existing business

If you have an existing business then adding a blog to it is a great way to not only grow your business, but to also add another revenue stream to your business. A blog allows you to reach customers from all over the world, as well as providing them with useful information.

Even if you are a local business, reaching potential customers from all over the world can help you to grow your brand and perhaps sell them affiliate products/services or your own digital products.

A blog is a great thing to add to many business types including:

  • Personal trainers
  • Jewellery makers
  • Coaches
  • Shop owners
  • Network marketerssuch as Utility Warehouse, Younique, etc.

And many more.

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Hobbies you can turn into a blog

One of the easiest topics to create a blog about is going to be something that you already enjoy doing – one of your hobbies!

Think about what you spend your time doing and what you really enjoy doing. Perhaps you are a keen gardener, crafter or couponer. You can turn any hobby into a blog!

Blogging about a hobby means that you already have an interest in the subject, so you won't get bored. You will also find it easy to create content because it is based on a topic you really enjoy. You will know your hobby inside and out, making it the perfect topic for you to blog about.

Here are some ideas with examples:

As you can see, you can turn any hobby into a blog!

Turn your career into a blog

Do you have an interesting career? Perhaps you work in a field that is hard to break into, or you have a really interesting day in your working life. You could turn your career into your blog's topic.

You might think that your day job isn't that interesting, or that being a stay at home parent doesn't qualify you to write a blog, but it absolutely does!

Remember that there are people looking for advice about any career – whether it is how you manage your home as a stay at home parent, or how you break into acting.


One really important thing to remember when blogging

If you really want to make your blog succeed then you need to remember one really important thing – you need to solve a pain point for your readers. For example, if you write a parenting blog, you need to help other parents who might be having similar struggles. It is really easy to change this – instead of writing about your potty training, you would write potty training tips.

My blog truly started to succeed when I started writing with a view to helping my audience.

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when you don't have anything to blog about

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