Be on a great energy deal forever with Look After my Bills

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – switching your utilities to a cheaper provider is one of the best ways to save a chunk of money each and every year. But why are so many of us reluctant to do so? Perhaps the deal sounds too good to be true, or you can’t find the time to sit down for an afternoon to find out which provider can give you the best rates. I understand, most of us find it hard to find time to relax for a whole afternoon – let alone trawl through price comparison websites.

The thought of switching energy provider is so daunting that over 23% of us Brits have never switched energy provider – despite the potential to save up to £434 per year by switching. Common reasons for this include ‘it’s too much hassle,’ ‘there’s not much of a saving in the long run,’ and ‘there are hidden fees when you switch provider.’ If you end up switching to the wrong service for you, these reasons may well come true, but if you switch to the right provider? You can save money for years and years to come.

Be on a great energy deal forever with Look After my Bills

70% of households currently use a Big Six provider (e.g. British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON UK), despite the recent price hikes. This is due to the perception that the Big Six offer the best rates, with the best service. This is despite the fact that the Big Six are routinely found to be the most expensive energy providers out there. The truth is, if you are signed up to one of these companies, it is fairly likely that you could be getting your energy for much cheaper from a different firm- and receive the same, if not better, level of service. Why not see if you can save up to £434 a year by switching? What would you do with that extra cash in your pocket?

Be on a great energy deal forever with Look After my Bills

It is understandable that you might be wary if in the past you’ve signed up to a great introductory offer, only to find out a year later that you are back to paying over the odds for your energy bills because that introductory offer has expired. The important thing to do is either keep tabs on your energy plans, and make sure that you never get caught out paying more than you originally intended- or to let a dedicated company take care of this for you. That’s right, there is a company that exists who will manage your energy plans.

Be on a great energy deal forever with Look After my Bills

That company is Look After My Bills. Look After My Bills is a unique company which specialises in making sure that you are on a fantastic energy deal- forever. When you sign up to Look After My Bills, they will automatically switch you to the best deal that is available to you at that time. Once that deal is over, they will automatically switch you again to another great deal. The best thing of all? This service from Look After My Bills is 100% free.

Look After My Bills make their money on a commission basis, so you never have to pay a penny for their service. The Evening Standard even described this company as “a ray of hope” for those struggling with their gas and electricity bills. Look After My Bills do all the price comparison checking for you, so once you sign up, you don’t have to do any of the hard work to find the best deal – your bills are literally looked after by the experts.

Look After My Bills

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