Automatically switch your energy to save you money

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One of the most effective ways to save money each year is by changing your energy provider, you can make big savings which can be the difference between affording that trip that you’ve been lusting over and staying at home scrolling through photos of that same dream destination on Instagram. It usually requires dedicating an afternoon of your time to find the deal that’s going to save you the most money, and to keep saving money each and every year, you would need sit down and do this at least every 12 months. Many of us know how beneficial it would be to change energy provider, but simply don’t have the time or willpower to trawl through price comparison websites every year to find the best deals for our homes.

As we all know, our spare time is precious, so what if we could save money AND time, and still pay the lowest rates for our energy? Enter Switchcraft, the UK’s first free energy switching service- they are the experts when it comes to changing your energy provider and do all the hard work for you. One of the reasons that people do not take the plunge and switch to another energy provider is a fear of the unknown- many people feel like they do not know enough about the topic to be comfortable making a decision about which provider to use. Switchcraft take away the hassle of choosing the right tariff and scouring the internet for the best deal- saving you lots of time and worry about whether you have made the right choice.

Their extremely easy to use website means that in 4 steps (and about 5 minutes!) you are clearly shown the energy provider which will save you the most money, followed by some other options- just in case you would prefer to go with a provider name that you already recognise. The service is completely free, so it’s a no-brainer! Next time you are waiting for a bus, why not check out the savings that you could make? Those who are already using Switchcraft are making an average yearly saving of £313, and your energy bill could get lower and lower each and every year. Switchcraft continuously search the market for the best deals, and every time that there is money to be saved, they will notify you and auto-switch your energy to that provider (unless you decide to opt out- you are always in control). Normally, Switchcraft will switch your provider once a year, so there is no need to worry about exit fees- everything is taken care of. This means that year after year, you will be paying the lowest rates for your energy, without compromising on the service that you receive.

The free and automated switch means that you never have to look at a price comparison website again to get a better deal on your energy bills. Instead of spending time scrolling through price comparison websites looking for energy savings, you can research that dream holiday destination that you can now book due the extra money you’ve gained from switching to Switchcraft!

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