August 2015 Challenge – Week 2 results

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This month I have set myself a smaller goal of earning £1,000. Two weeks in and I have hit my goal – and I couldn't be happier. Last week I told you how I had made £527.26 and this week I am proud to report that my total is now £1,006.69/£1,000

August 2015 Challenge - Week 2 results

This week's earnings:

  • WhatUsersDo paid early for website testing I completed last month.
  • My Prolific Academic earnings reached over £20, so I withdrew them without having to pay Paypal fees.
  • Qmee – 98p just for searching the web in the last week.
  • Blog earnings.
  • A small Quidco cashback payment for checking for insurance online.

What's next

In September and October I am going to aim to make an extra £2,000 per month, not including my matched betting earnings. So I've decided to stop for August, especially as I've already made my target. This will give me some time to get things ready for September's challenge. I have nothing in the pipeline for September so I think it is a great time to focus more on decluttering, taking nice photographs of items for eBay.

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August 2015 Challenge results

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