August 2015 Challenge – Week 1 results

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As you may have seen, July was a brilliant money making month for me, making over £2,000 extra.

August 2015 Challenge - Week 1 results

Remember, this is all money in addition to my full time job – no wages or overtime is counted, just extra money made online.

I set a goal of £1,000 in August, mainly because I am spending more time matched betting (and my matched betting earnings don't count towards this challenge) and because I wanted a small break.

Week 1 earnings: £527.26

This has come from a variety of methods:

  • The Selfie Lottery – someone I referred won, which meant that her £10 was doubled to £20, and I won £20 too! Adding in my bonus for logging in daily, I had £23 arrive in my Paypal account just a few hours after claiming. There aren't many people registered at the moment so it is a great time to enter! It is free to enter too.
  • ClixSense – a paid to click website where you can earn cash for completing short tasks, surveys and even just viewing adverts.
  • Blog earnings.
  • Qmee – a few pence every once in awhile for searching the internet, but it all adds up.

In the pipeline

There are lots of exciting things in the pipeline…and some not so exciting but still money making!

  • As usual, I have done some testing with WhatUsersDo which should be paid by the 25th of August.
  • I did some mystery shopping this weekend with negotiated travel expenses…for somewhere we were already travelling to!
  • My Prolific Academic earnings are almost at £20, which means I can withdraw them without paying Paypal fees.
  • If the weather holds out then we are hoping to do a boot sale in a fortnight.

All in all I am a lot more chilled out this month – mostly because I know that September and October are going to need to be big earning months as our next Disney holiday balance is due early November.

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August 2015 Challenge

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  1. Hi, can I ask how much your blog earnings are and are they just from this blog or do you have others? Great blog by the way!

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