Asda Christmas Savings Card Report

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Christmas can be an expensive time of the year, so I am always on the look out for ways to save money over the holidays. Throughout the year I look at things I can do to save money or make money for Christmas, and this year is no different. This has been my first year using the Asda Christmas Savings Card, where I managed to earn myself a free cash bonus.

How I got free cash for christmas

What is the Asda Christmas Savings Card

The Asda Christmas Savings Card is a free way for you to spread the cost of Christmas throughout the year, and earn yourself a free cash bonus in November. The card is free to use, and the cash bonus paid depends on how much money you have saved on the card throughout the year.

You can then use the card like a gift card in Asda stores, helping you to purchase everything you need for Christmas – from Christmas cards to your Christmas dinner. You can also gift it as a present at Christmas – great for any students you are buying for!

Free cash bonus

As well as helping you to budget throughout the year, you can also get a free cash bonus with the Asda Christmas Savings Card.

Here's how much you can get:

  • Save £144 and get a £6 bonus
  • Save £97 and get a £3 bonus
  • Save £49 and get a £1 bonus

The bonus will automatically be paid out in November every year, and today I got my free bonus! I managed to put aside £144 to get a £6 bonus for free!

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Just over a week left to top up your @asda Christmas Savings Card to get up to £6 free. Here’s how it works: Top up the card throughout the year (or all at once if you’re doing this last minute). You have until 5pm on the 12th November. On the 13th November you’ll get free bonus cash added depending on how much you’ve saved. Save £49 and get £1 free; save £97 and get £3 free or save £144 to get £6 free. Think about it – you’ll probably be spending £144 or more on your Christmas shop and gifts, you might as well get some free money. Don’t forget that you only have until 5pm on the 12th November to top your card up! #ukmoneybloggers #asda #asdachristmas #christmas #christmassavings #frugalchristmas #thrifty #thriftychristmas #moneysaving #moneyblogger #savings #freemoney #bonus

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In 2015, Asda paid out a massive £1.2 million in bonuses to Christmas Savings Card customers.

Want to get more than one cash bonus? You aren't limited to just one card, so if you think you are going to save more than £144, grab another card and be eligible for more free bonuses.

What I plan on doing with my free cash bonus

I am sure that many of you are like me in the fact that certain food and drink only gets bought at Christmas time – for us that includes chocolate covered Brazil nuts and Coke in glass bottles.

This year we have decided to use our free cash bonus to purchase items for our Reverse Advent Calendar, where we will be putting food, toiletries and other household items aside for our local food bank.

Get involved next year

The cash bonus for 2017 has been paid out today, 13th November 2017, but you can still get involved next year!

To get involved all you have to do is pick up a Christmas Savings Card from your local Asda store, and start topping it up throughout the year.

If you save just £1.12 a week from January until the bonus day in November then you will have £50 towards Christmas (with £1 free), and if you saved £3.28 per week from January until the bonus day in November then you will have £150 saved towards Christmas (with £6 free). Topping up the card with just £1.12 a week is manageable for most of us, and will really help with the cost of Christmas next year.

Protect your card

Remember that cards like this need to be treated like cash – if you lose it then it is gone! However Asda have already thought about this. If you are worried about your card being lost or stolen then simply register it online and your balance will be protected if the card gets lost or stolen.

Whether you want to spread the cost of Christmas 2018, or you want to get your hands on the free cash bonus, the Asda Christmas Savings Card is a great tool for next Christmas.

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