AppXpert – Earn Money for Reviewing Apps

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AppXpert - Earn Money for Reviewing Apps

AppXpert is a great way to earn money by testing apps on your iPhone (sorry Android and Windows phone users). The site can only be accessed via Safari. The idea is simple – you download an App to your phone, test it out and then rate it. You will have to really test out the app and there are security measures in place to ensure that you do. The whole process usually takes me less than 5 minutes and you earn 20p for each App that you test. AppXpert have just launched their new Web App, increasing the amount you earn per investigation from 15p to 20p. When you sign up to use the Web App you'll be prompted to download Alert Rocket. This is mandatory and it lets you know when new investigations are available. I think there's still some teething problems with this as I've not always been notified, and someone else has been in touch with me to say the same. However, they have only just launched the Web App so hopefully it is just teething problems.

AppXpert - Earn Money for Reviewing Apps by Emma at #EarnMoney

Alongside each investigation you can also earn money and XP points for badges. Badges are awarded for the speed at which you complete an investigation, the total number of investigations you've completed and other fun challenges.

20130701-162455.jpgYou can withdraw your earnings via Paypal, Amazon gift card or iTunes voucher. There is a £5 minimum payout for Paypal, £15 for Amazon and £25 for iTunes. If you choose to receive your payment from Paypal then they will also cover your fees. Don't expect to receive an email from them once they've paid the money into your paypal though – it took me a few moments of head scratching to figure out where the extra £5 came from, as the email address they use to send payments doesn't make it obvious. You do have to log into their website (not the Web App) to make your withdrawals for security reasons – you can find your log in details on the Web App by clicking on the menu in the top left corner and selecting ‘My Profile'.


As you can see, it is a great little earner. I don't find it intrusive and most of the apps are free to download. On the occasions where there has been a paid app they've paid significantly more per investigation. I've had no issues with investigations not tracking. I took this screen shot two days ago and my earnings are up to £13.56 now.

I have had to contact customer service about an issue and they are quick to respond. Posting on their Facebook page generally gives you the answer to contact customer service – so cut out the middle man and just go straight to customer service. You can also be alerted to new investigations by following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook.  At the moment they do not run a referral scheme, although they have stated that it might be considered in the future.

Overall I'm very impressed with AppXpert. I'd suggest that noon each day is a good time to look out for investigations as this seems to be when the majority of them get launched. This site is not a scam at all!

AppXpert - Earn Money for Reviewing Apps


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