AppTrailers – Earn Money From Your Smartphone

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AppTrailers - Earn Money From Your Smartphone

AppTrailers is a great way to earn money from your smartphone (iPhone & Android). You play app adverts on your device and earn points, which can then be converted into various gift cards, or Paypal. 10 points – $0.01, 250 points – $0.25, 500 points – $0.50, 1000 points – $1. I’ve not had an issue with being paid in US $, Paypal have just converted it into GBP for me, with no fee.

AppTrailers - Earn Money From Your Smartphone by Emma at #EarnMoney #MakeMoney

Simply visit the App Store or Marketplace and download ‘AppTrailers’. Then to get started, open up the device and tap on settings to enter your email address. If you want to be paid via Paypal then this must be your Paypal email address.


Now that you’ve started, click on ‘Apps’ at the bottom to watch advertising videos. The ones with a yellow/orange colour are the only you can only do once,  but when you scroll down further there are videos for 2 or 5 points. You can watch these over and over again – firstly load a video, and once the advert has played you can press ‘done’ in the top left corner and you’ll earn your points. You can then press watch again, and just watch the video all over again, for as long as you want. This is because AppTrailers earn their money from these advertising videos.


You can also earn more points by downloading the free apps, as well as writing comments for them. Personally, I’ve found this to be more hassle than it is worth, especially as the app doesn’t register that you’ve downloaded and played with an app for quite some time. There’s also a free daily scratch card where you can win points – you will find this under the ‘redeem’ tab.

Once you’ve earned 500 points you can redeem them for $0.50 via Paypal. Unlike other websites paying you via Paypal, you aren’t charged fees on the money that you earn, and it is in your account within 60 seconds. You do need to have a verified Paypal account for this. I had issues with my payments not sending, so I contacted support with a screenshot of my verified Paypal account, and it was sorted within 12 hours. Other rewards include scratch cards, Xbox points, Google Play credit, Steam credit and much more. As you earn more points you can also reach new levels, where benefits include earning more points!

AppTrailers - Earn Money From Your Smartphone


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