Amazon Associates Tutorial

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Amazon Associates Tutorial

Amazon is by far the biggest online retailer, so being an Amazon Associate is a great way to boost your affiliate marketing income. Here is my Amazon Associates Tutorial.

The Amazon tracking cookies last for 24 hours. This means that if you wrote a review about a product and the reader clicked through to Amazon and went on to purchase anything from Amazon (not just the item you linked to) within 24 hours, you will make commission. You can also use a clever little trick to increase the cookie tracking to 90 days. You can earn anything from 1% – 10% of any sales you generate which makes this an ideal program to sign up to.

how to use Amazon Associates to boost your affiliate income

In order to register you will need to have a  website which meets the following criteria set by Amazon:

  • The website is functional and has value-added content that can drive incremental purchases on Amazon
  • You are in compliance with the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement
  • You have a valid phone number and bank account that can receive direct deposits. You will need to provide this payment information during the application process.

Completing the application is easy, once completed Amazon will review your application and send you a confirmation email telling you whether you have been accepted into the program. If you haven't then they will also tell you why your application wasn't successful.

Installing Amazon Associate Links

Once you have been approved as an Amazon Associate, you can start to place links on your blog, website or social media channels. Amazon have a wide variety of linking tools, from linking to specific products to widgets you can install on your website.

Amazon Associates Installing Links

When signed in to your Amazon account, load up the webpage you want to link to. In this instance I am using the home page. At the top you will see your Amazon Associates tool bar and you can click on “Link to this page” (or even Short Link To This Page or Share on your social media channels).


After clicking on “link to this page” this box will pop up. Here you can select certain options, such as tracking id to monitor campaigns and where your sales are coming from. You can either select everything to insert HTML with an image, or I prefer to copy and paste the actual link (the bits between the quotation marks which I've selected above in blue). A quicker way to get the link is to click on the short link to get your link. You can link to specific products, search results, the home page and more.

There are also widgets and other things you can install by checking your account.

Tracking earnings on Amazon Associates

After going to all the hard work of installing your affiliate links and promoting your posts, you will want to see how well you are doing. Amazon Associates update their reports daily so you can easily see how well you are doing.

Amazon Associates Check Your Earnings

This is the earnings summary that you will see, populated with information about your earnings. This is automatically set to display the current month to date. You can delve deeper into your reports by clicking on the links displayed on the left of the page. This includes being able to see which items have been purchased, which is pretty cool!

Amazon Associates payment threshold and getting paid

Amazon Associates pay out once a month, around two months behind. That means if you earn commission in January, you can expect to be paid in March. As a UK Amazon Associate you can choose to be paid via Amazon Gift Certificate or by a BACS payment.

Amazon Associates Tutorial


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