Alternative Home Based Jobs

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Alternative Home Based Jobs

Today, more and more people are wanting to work from home as technology facilitates a wonderful shift in the way we are able to work, remote working is allowing many people to have more time to focus on living their life and working their job around their life, rather than fitting their life around their work.

There are many benefits to remote working, and nobody says you have to work from home, after all, presuming you have an internet connection and/or phone the majority of home-based jobs can be done from anywhere in the world… meaning, you can incorporate much more travel and freedom into your life.

Whilst we all know the benefits of working from home, particularly for those with family commitments or illnesses that might otherwise prevent them from working full time, there’s also the downside to consider.  

The main downside is that of the possibility to feel isolated, as unlike going out to work each day, where you are interacting with people and having a change of scenery, if you do work from home each day, you lack variety and social contact – at least in a one-to-one setting, which can, for some people, affect them negatively.

Now, before we take a look at some interesting home based jobs, it’s important to remember you don’t necessarily need to “work” in a conventional way in order to make money, for instance, you could rent out your spare room on AirBnB and make a considerable income that is tax free upto a certain threshold.


There’s a wide range of opportunities available here, from working in a remote call centre to more interesting alternatives that are focused on a particular skill set.  For instance, phone psychic jobs can pay surprisingly well.  There’s also the possibility of being a remote receptionist to a company, or if you’re particularly enterprising, to several companies in the format of a virtual receptionist.

In fact, many solo practitioners such as personal trainers, accountants and therapists would love to have someone answer the phone for them and take messages, as they lose a lot of business, due to being unavailable to answer the phone most the time – due to being in client appointments.


You have access to a global marketplace of people looking to learn new skills, and if you’re a native English speaker, there is huge demand for language learning – where people will pay around $20 per hour to have you mentor them in perfecting their use of the English language.  Once upon a time, this would involve a long flight and life in a foreign country, whereas today, it just requires a Skype connection.


If you’re naturally gifted at writing, then there are many opportunities to write for companies and bloggers.  Content is king, in the digital economy we live in, and there are many people reaching out to those that can write in order to provide a steady flow of content… whether this is for their blog, social media posts, or more specific marketing copy.

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