Aldi Christmas Food 2018

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When I think of Christmas, one of the biggest highlights of the whole occasion is, of course, the food! Pigs in blankets, cheeseboards, Christmas Pudding and let's not forget that big tasty Turkey! This blog post will be featuring all of the Aldi Christmas food for 2018. If you do decide to dine with Aldi on Christmas day, you're going to be in for a real treat!

Luxury Aldi Christmas Starters

Certain to open your Christmas meal with a huge wow, Aldi has a huge selection of delicious starters. There are a huge variety of options from marinated king prawns (£2.99) and Scottish smoked salmon (£3.99) to individual Pate's (£1.99 for 2) and melt in the mouth mushroom Arancini (£2.99). There is definitely an option for everyone, no matter what your dietary requirements are even including vegan and gluten-free options.

Aldi's Christmas Meat


The main event of your Christmas dinner, the amazing turkey. Aldi offers a wide variety of sizes from crowns to a whopping 9kg bird for a huge family get-together. Their star offer of turkey is from their Exquisite range, the Rumburgh farm free range bronze turkey ranging from 4-5.99kg. Aldi also offers stuffed turkeys complete with delicious pork, roast chestnut, and apple stuffing. Aldi even now have a very special Turkey Christmas dinner Wellington (£6.99), complete with stuffing, cranberries, bread sauce, bacon, and sprouts. And the perfect accompaniment to compliment your turkey is Aldi's cranberry & orange sauce for only 99p! Is your mouth watering yet?

Red Meat

If you're tired of turkey, Aldi has also a huge selection of mouthwatering red meats. My star recommendation being their fresh British beef Wellington (£22.99). This is topped with a rich mushroom, shallot and Madeira duxelle that is hand wrapped in light golden puff pastry. Aldi also has a beautiful leg of lamb (£14.99), part-boned with a honeyed parsnip stuffing.

If you're more of a pork fan they also have a fresh Hog Roast (£9.99) served with stuffing and Bramley apple sauce. Aldi has also really stepped up their game when it comes to gammon, offering a huge variety this year. From orange & blossom honey/muscovado (£6.69), gingerbread (£6.99) and even their very own original Christmas pudding gammon (£12.99)! This is cured with a fruit-filled stuffing and rich mince pie glaze.


Sometimes just a plain turkey isn't enough and Aldi have got the perfect three-game roast (£10.99) featuring a combination of crispy duck, rich goose, and guinea fowl complete with festive stuffing and glaze. Aldi is also offering their own stuffed duck (£8.99) with an orange glaze and fresh whole goose.

Aldi's Christmas Seafood

If you're a fan of seafood look no further, Aldi has an amazing array of party fish platters that you and your family can enjoy. These range from topped sides of smoked Salmon (£10.99) topped with Cranberry and Orange or Lemon and Herb and their own Exquisite dressed Scottish side of salmon (£14.99) layered with king prawns and cream cheese topped with an edible gold luster. They also have a tempting fantail prawn platter (£4.99) paired with a sweet chili dip.

Aldi's Christmas Vegetarian Food

Are you having a vegetarian Christmas? You will most definitely not be missing out on some amazing mains and sides if you're veggie from Aldi! For mains, you have the choice of a beautiful vegetable/nut roast (£3.49) with the choice of a Root vegetable roast with camembert sauce or a beetroot and brie nut roast with cranberry sauce. They are also offering delicious wellington slices (£2.99), you choose from a Cauliflower, Leek & Goat's cheese slice or a Butternut Squash and Brie slice or vegetable parcels stuffed with Spinach, Leek & West Country Cheddar or Mushroom, Stilton & Cranberry.

Aldi's Christmas Trimmings

No Christmas dinner is complete without the trimmings and Aldi has a fantastic range this year! One of my personal favourites is the giant pigs in blankets (£2.99) (who doesn't want that on their Christmas plate?). Other delicious trimmings up for grabs are roast potatoes with goose fat (£1.79), drunken-fruits pork stuffing (£4.99), honey and mustard parsnips (£1.89) and a selection of sauces including fresh cranberry sauce and fresh bread sauce (both £1.29).

Aldi's Christmas Sweet Treats

Aldi Christmas Pudding

Once the dinner is eaten, you have the joy of the Christmas pudding to look forward to! Aldi has some incredibly decadent choices for your 2018 pudding. Firstly, their star pudding is their salted caramel and Vodka pudding (£6.99), this pudding is packed with juicy spiced fruits, brandy, rum AND you even get a bottle of Salted Caramel Liqueur to pour over the top. They also have an 18 month matured pudding(£4.49) if you're after a richer flavour or a golden topped Christmas pudding (£8.99) that is decorated with orange slices and sprinkled with edible gold glitter sparkle.

Aldi Christmas Cakes

A classic on Christmas day is your Christmas cake and Aldi have a lovely variety of flavours to choose from. From their Exquisite range, they have a gorgeous Chocolate Bauble Cake (£12.99) which when broken reveals a hand-decorated village inside! Following on, they have their classic Exquisite Christmas cake (£12.99) which is your classic hand decorated, soaked fruit filling stuffed full of sweet hazelnuts, crunchy almon, s and plump vine fruits. Lastly, we cannot forget the Yule log (£3.29) which is hand-rolled chocolate sponge covered in a creamy milk chocolate and fudge icing.

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