Affiliate Window Tutorial

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Affiliate Window Tutorial

AWIN, formerly Affiliate Window is the UK's largest affiliate marketing website, and it is easy to see why. With 2,100 advertisers on their platform and supporting 75,000 other publishers, you can find everything you need to get started. Here is my Affiliate Window Tutorial.

Awin Tutorial

Registering at Affiliate Window is really easy. During the registration process you will need to make a £5 deposit – this is automatically added to your Affiliate Window balance and will become payable once you meet the minimum payment threshold.

Registering for Affiliate Window 1

Once you have registered and your account has been approved then you have two choices. I would strongly advise that you install “convert-a-link”. This piece of javascript will turn your existing links into affiliate links and automatically apply to the advertiser's program for you. This is a simple way to monetise your old posts without having to manually go and put in any affiliate links.

Affiliate Window Convert A Link

You will find convert-a-link in the top menu, under Links & Tools. The page has full instructions on how to install the javascript and how to test whether it is working. There is also a WordPress plugin available which you can download from the same page.

Applying for programs on Affiliate Window

Once you have installed convert-a-link you will still want to apply for programs. I find it useful to think about the content I want to create in the coming weeks and start applying for the advertiser programs as soon as I think about it because some advertisers might decline you or they may take awhile to approve your application. If you don't have a specific advertiser in mind then you can browse existing advertisers and even filter to find relevant advertisers.

Affiliate Window Join Programs Tutorial 1

To join programs, hover over Advertisers in the top menu and select Join Programs.

Affiliate Window Join Programs Tutorial 2

Here you can either search the advertiser by name or filter to find relevant advertisers to apply for. When you are ready to apply, you will need to click on the green plus sign towards the right of each advertiser.

Affiliate Window Join Programs Tutorial 3

Here you will find the terms and conditions for each advertiser. No two advertisers are the same – some will automatically accept you, some will want you to provide detailed information about your campaign. If I am planning on writing a post about a product I love then I tell them here. Then hit join and you will know whether you were automatically accepted or whether you need to wait for approval. If you need to wait for approval then you will receive an email once you are approved.

Installing Affiliate Window Links

Although you should have installed convert-a-link, you will still want to link to an advertiser's home page or a specific product.  Getting the links can be confusing, so here is how you go about doing it.

Affiliate Window Create A Link Tutorial 1

In the top menu, hover over Links & Tools and you will see the options for choosing your links. Under Text Links you will find the links to advertisers' home pages. This page will only show the links to programs you have been approved for. You can choose to show the HTML code for inserting into your website, or the link.

To link to a specific product you will need to select Link Builder from the Links & Tools menu. You will need to know the URL of the product you want to link to.


In this example I have chosen to link to a particular holiday on the Walt Disney World website by pasting the link into the “Deep link url” field. You can also choose other options such as a click reference to track your clicks and campaigns, and choose to show the HTML or just the URL. You can also create a shortlink to use by clicking on the orange button on the bottom right.

Here is where I like to copy and paste the link in incognito mode just to make sure that it goes to the correct page. Some pages, such as search results, can't be linked to and your readers will just be redirected to the home page.

Once you have your link you can place it onto your blog, website or social media channels like a normal link.

Tracking earnings on Affiliate Window

After going to all the hard work of installing your affiliate links and promoting your posts, you will want to see how well you are doing. Affiliate Window update their reports daily so you can easily see how well you are doing.

Affiliate Window Commission

After you log in, you will be shown a report similar to the one above. As you can see, it compares this month with the same time last month and gives you an overall view of the money you have earned. It also shows you how much of your earnings have been approved and cleared for payment and whether you have reached the minimum payment threshold (which you can find out more about below). If you want to delve into your results a bit more, perhaps to plan your future campaigns or to find out what is working for and what isn't, you can access your reports from the top menu under Reports.

Affiliate Window payment threshold and getting paid

Affiliate Window pay out twice a month, around the 1st and the 15th of the month. For commission earned the previous month between the 1st -15th payments will be generated on the 1st of the following month and for commissions earned the previous month between the 16th -31st the payment will be generated on the 15th of the following month. You can opt to just receive one payment per month if you prefer.

Publishers in the UK have a payment threshold of just £20 – you will already be well on your way after putting down the £5 deposit. Payments are made via BACS and should be in your bank three working days after being sent to you.

Affiliate Window Tutorial


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