How to reach your AWIN first payment

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AWIN is one of the best affiliate programs to join. It is easy to see why – it is the UK's largest affiliate marketing website, with 2,100 advertisers on their platform and supporting 75,000 other publishers, you can find everything you need to get started. Registering at AWIN is really easy – during the registration process you will need to make a £5 deposit which is automatically added to your AWIN balance and will become payable once you meet the minimum payment threshold. Here is how you can reach your AWIN first payment.

AWIN payout

Set up your payment details & choose a minimum payment threshold to reach your AWIN payout

The first thing that you need to do in order to reach your first payment on AWIN is to ensure that you have your minimum payment amount set up correctly and that you have submitted your payment details.

Set Affiliate Window minimum payment threshold

To do this, simply log in and hover over “Account”. From here, select “Payment Details”.

Here you can make sure that you have submitted your payment details, as well as selecting your minimum payment threshold. I have mine set to £20, which means that twice a month, if I have £20 or more cleared, I will be paid this via BACS. You can switch this to be paid monthly, or select a higher payment threshold; £20 is the minimum.

Install Convert-A-Link

One of the easiest ways to reach your first payment onAWIN is to have Convert-A-Link installed. Convert-A-Link is a clever plugin that will automatically turn your existing links in to affiliate links if that merchant is onAWIN.

There is one downside to using Convert-A-Link, and that is if you haven't already applied to a merchant's program then you will still have to wait to be accepted onto the program before you earn any commission. If you know that you have written about a merchant and have links to them then it is worth taking time to apply for them immediately.

Click here to see how to install Convert-A-Link. 

Opportunity Marketplace on AWIN

The Opportunity Marketplace isn't often explored onAWIN, but it could be the key to getting yourAWIN payout. The Opportunity Marketplace is a relatively new tool that lets publishers like us list, manage and promote all of the advertising options that are available on their blogs or websites. They are then viewed and considered by the advertisers onAWIN in an easy-to-use directory.

Getting your Affiliate Window first payment

Image credit: AWIN

You can offer all sorts of promotional opportunities here, from newsletter sponsorship to hosting competitions. Here you can choose what you would like to get paid, and which method you would like. You can select a fixed price, or even a CPA (cost per acquisition) based on a fixed price or a percentage.

If you are looking to make your firstAWIN payout then utilising the Opportunity Marketplace is a great way to get there. Make sure that you provide as much information as possible. You want advertisers to know the benefits of advertising with you which includes things like your audience reach, social media followers and exactly what you can offer. Does a blog post include social media sharing? Will you be using the product or service in a YouTube video? Will it be included in a round up newsletter? Whatever you are offering, be sure to mention it.

Remember to price your opportunity accordingly. If you are offering a fixed fee then it should be in line with your usual rates for sponsorship.

Apply to more advertisers on AWIN

Another way to reach your first payout onAWIN is to apply to more advertisers. The more advertisers who have accepted you, the more products and services that you can promote, helping you to reach yourAWIN payment threshold.

You can find advertisers to apply to either by searching for their name, or searching categories. I try to spend an hour or two a month applying to new, relevant advertisers.

Use Pretty Link to reach your AWIN payout

Pretty Link is a plugin that cloaks your affiliate links and makes them pretty. Here is an example:


After using Pretty Link:

As you can see, it looks much cleaner and more appealing to readers. Pretty link is free to use, although there is also a premium version that comes with lots of useful features. The free version should suffice.

Utilise the offers and discount codes you are sent

When you sign up as an affiliate for a company onAWIN, they will often email you to let you know when sales are on, or they could send you discount codes to share with your readers. This is easily the “low hanging fruit”, after all, who doesn't like to save some money?

You can share these discount codes and sales in a number of ways:

  • Have a dedicated offers page on your blog that you update regularly with the latest offers and deals. The downside to this is that it might be quite time consuming to update on a regular basis.
  • Write a blog post about weekly or monthly offers.
  • Email your subscribers about offers and deals.
  • Share deals, sales and discount codes on your social media channels.

The money is in the list – your email list!

Successful affiliate marketers all have one thing in common – they preach about how the money is in the list. By this, they mean your email list.

Think about it – signing up to an email list requires a few steps, including confirming your email address. Someone who has signed up to receive emails from you wants to hear directly from you. They want to know about the products and services that you recommend. This is a great way to reach your first AWIN payout.

There are three main ways you can reach your first AWIN payout by emailing your subscribers:

1 – Link to affiliate products within your email.

2 – Direct your readers to a blog post with affiliate links in (reviews or tutorials work well).

3 – Let your readers know about a sale or discount code.

If you haven't yet started your email list then don't be put off, you can still start getting sign ups immediately. In order to encourage people to sign up, it is a great idea to offer an incentive to sign up. I use ConvertKit as my email provider to send out my free money making course and other incentives.

Look for easy conversions

When you are trying to reach your first ever payment withAWIN then you should consider writing blog posts based on things that convert easily with your audience.

You will know your audience, and know what converts easily for them. As a money blogger, freebies and other things that help my readers to save money with very little effort convert well. I wrote a blog post about getting a free O2 Sim card, which converted really well, and Top Cashback always have new member offers that I schedule on social media – these also convert well for me.

Look for high paying products or services

You should look at products or advertisers that pays well – a lot of the financial products will pay out quite a bit for a successful conversion. Although it can be harder to get a conversion, you only need one to reach your minimum payout onAWIN.

If you are blogging about money then look at advertisers who offer ISAs, broadband switches and other financial products.

Create a free course or challenge

Creating a free course or challenge can be a great way to reach your AWIN first payment. Think about what your audience come back for, and create a useful challenge or course around that. You can then find relevant products sold by the advertisers onAWIN to promote within your challenge or free course.

Apply for jobs on Get Blogged when things are quiet

Get Blogged is still a relatively new blogger agency, and I believe the pay isn't as ideal as it could be, but when needs must then they must! I have seen as many as 150+ jobs on there at one time which could give you a welcome boost when you need it.


I hope that you find these strategies useful for helping you to earn your first payout with Awin. If you are interested in learning more about how to increase your affiliate income, I have a course called How To SMASH Affiliate Marketing as a UK Blogger that you will love. 

AWIN payout

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    1. I’d say Top Cashback (the most conversions, not the most money) is a good one for me, 02 Free Sim too

  1. Hi
    I was just wondering, do you only use affiliates on your blog or do you run other non connected affiliate sites? If so, could we get the links to your other sites? That would be helpful

    1. We do run a few websites, mostly blogs and one completely unrelated, however, we’re keeping those anonymous 🙂

  2. This is such a super helpful post. I’ve just been approved for Awin and have no idea where to go next! This makes more sense. Thank you!
    Laura x

  3. Bookmarking this, really useful advice thanks, I have a few sales through awin but still haven’t reached that elusive first payment amount yet!

  4. Hi,

    I know this post is a little late but one point that was not made which also needs to be highlighted.

    We promote AWIN Merchants, great products, great service with AWIN BUT…

    Many Merchants on AWIN have ridiculous payment terns. Many state 364 days, which others state 6 months.

    If your a sole operator running a site, don’t expect to get paid anytime soon as it takes an absolute age.

    Also, AWIn has had major issues with commissions recording etc.

    We ran for months with no apparent commissions or anything and then recently and all of a sudden, we started getting commissions?

    So if you use AWIN, who in the main are great, choose your Merchants carefully with regard of payment terms otherwise, you’ll be waiting nearly a whole year before you get paid.

  5. Amazing blog! I had £89 sat waiting for me but my minimum payment threshold was set at £1,000! 😱
    Would have took ages!
    Sorted now thanks to you!
    Thank you

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