Adult Chat Lines – Part 3

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I've really struggled with this blog series, but after lots of careful consideration, asking on Twitter and changing my mind many (many many!!!) times, I've decided to share it. In the interest of sharing another money making method and providing a useful guide to keep you safe, I decided that this blog post is a good thing. 

This is part 3 of a series about working for adult chat lines. Read part one here and part two here.


Questions and Answers:

Do I need a landline number to do this kind of work?
No – you can use your mobile number.

Does Tony know about this work and how does he feel about it?
Yes, Tony knows. I asked him whether he was okay with me doing it before I signed up. I've actually stopped now that I've cashed out, but we've discussed whether I will start up again. He encourages me to make extra money and listens to me when I tell him about clients – especially particularly disturbing ones.

Can I see your profile?
No, sorry. I worked hard to get my profile to what it is, and I certainly don't want anyone I know being able to see it.

How much have you made?
I earned £172.60 in total, but after fees, this was £88.04

What's the strangest thing someone has said to you?
A lot of things are pretty strange!

How do you stop yourself from laughing?
The mute button is a great thing! I also doodle whilst I'm on the phone which helps.

Have you ever had to end a conversation with someone/cut them off?
Not exactly. I did have a bit of a scare, hence me having to block someone. He called me up one morning whilst I was in the car with Tony – parked waiting for a shop to open. I put him on loudspeaker and he very clearly said my name – my real name. Tony confirmed that he heard it too. That was a bit worrying in itself, but I thought nothing of it. I hadn't told anyone my real name at all – when asked for my “real” name, I gave callers a variation of my middle name. Then, all day, he kept ringing me and putting on various that I wouldn't think it was him – although of course, Adult Work gave me the username. After the 4th call I went ahead and blocked him – the whole thing was feeling very strange and in the end he was getting me to do all the talking, which in itself isn't weird, but I just had a bad feeling – as though he was someone I knew, recording me. A few hours later I logged in and had a phone call within minutes. The same fake Scottish accent, and this time, although he never said anything alarming, I got really freaked out. It was after this phone call that I waited 24 hours to cash out my earnings (credits take 24 hours to fully show on your account, just in case there is a dispute) and I've not been on since.

Should I become a verified member?
To become a verified member, you can do one of two things – either provide a copy of your passport or send in a full body photo of yourself with your Adult Work username in the photo somewhere. I am 100% not comfortable doing either of these and I don't believe it has affected my earnings. If you do become verified, when you offer other services such as DirectCam, and be charged a lower fee.

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2 Comments on “Adult Chat Lines – Part 3”

  1. This has been so helpful! I have been toying with the idea of joining AW for a while but everytime I take a look at the site I find it a minefield and end up logging off again. You have simplified it perfectly. I do have one question though … what period, in terms of hours, did you accumulate those earnings, if you don’t mind me asking?

    Thanks x

    1. Hi Sarah, ohhh this is going back a long time now. I think it took 6 weeks in total and sometimes it was less than 30 mins I’d be logged on for, sometimes an afternoon. Sorry I can’t be more help, good luck!

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