Adult Chat Lines – Part 2

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I've really struggled with this blog post, but after lots of careful consideration, asking on Twitter and changing my mind many (many many!!!) times, I've decided to share it. In the interest of sharing another money making method and providing a useful guide to keep you safe, I decided that this blog post is a good thing. 

This is part 2 of a series about working for adult chat lines. Read part one here.

Adult Chat Lines

Adult Work provide a service to you and to the clients – the site is free to use by both clients and service providers. By this, I mean that there are no upfront costs. But of course, Adult Work need to make some money. They do this by charging to connect your calls via Direct Chat (which is more than fair since they are protecting your telephone number), but they are not transparent about any other fees they charge. When you attempt to cash out, you're met with a cryptic message telling you that cashing out will leave you with a negative balance. This is because when you go to withdraw your earnings, Adult Work will charge a 30% admin fee. I'm not against the fee at all, but I was very annoyed that I had to look long and hard to find this fee listed. All in all, I earned £172.60 but after all the fees that Adult Work charge, I was left with £88.04

Adult Chat LinesCashing out:
You can withdraw your earnings using four methods – bank transfer, cheque, Payoneer and PaytooMobile. 1 credit is equal to £1. Depending on the withdrawal method, you'll be told how long it will take to process and when you will have the money. Payment transfers are completed two weeks after they've been requested. The withdrawal limits for these are:

Cheque 50 credits (£50)
Bank transfer 150 credits (£150)
Payoneer 50 credits (£50)
PayTooMobile 50 credits (£50)

I opted for a cheque, and at this stage, you are required to enter your real name and address. It doesn't actually have to be you – you can get it paid to anyone, as long as you have their name and address or bank details.

Maximising income and what to charge:
There are plenty of other service providers on the site, so you really need to stand out. I'd been online as available for a few sessions before I got my first phone call. What is your unique selling point (USP)? You can play on anything – your looks (young, mature, BBW), your accent (well spoken), your experience or lack of it, your “preferences” (however true they may be) or anything. Take a look at some other profiles and see what they're writing and offering. Personally, I found that stating something along the lines of “I'm not escorting at the moment, maybe you can convince me to change my mind” often gets mentioned in phone calls – someone wants to be the one to “convince” me to escort. I have no intention of ever escorting, but Adult Work is also used for escorting services.

Knowing what to charge can also be difficult. Setting your price low at 0.50 credits means that you might be very busy, but the quality of callers is sometimes lower. I would strongly suggest that you start off at 0.50 credits, then as you start to grow a client base and earn more feedback and profile views, you can start slowly increasing your prices.

If a client has been on the phone with you for more than 5 minutes (there are plenty of times when they aren't on for 5 minutes) then you are both able to leave each other feedback. If you're able to mention in the phone call that you'd appreciate feedback then please do. Remember to leave prompt feedback for them – you can check out their profile to see other feedback that has been left, and choose something along those lines. There shouldn't be an occasion to leave negative feedback – the credits are deducted from their balance straight away so there should be no issue with payment, and if they hung up on your then you've obviously done your job.

You can also use credits to “feature” your profile on the site – this will give you a prime location during certain time slots. You can pre-book these – the earlier you pre-book then the cheaper the rate that you get.

Be sure to respond to any emails you get on Adult Work in a prompt fashion. These can be short and sweet. You might also want to message clients after a phone call to tell them how much you enjoyed yourself and how much you're looking forward to your next chat.

If you're lucky, you may find yourself getting regular clients – clients who are so happy with your services that they want to ring you regularly. This is a good thing!

You can choose when you want to appear as available for telephone bookings. I've not had much success on weekend nights – which I thought would be busy. Instead, I find that I'm extremely busy if I log on the moment I wake up on weekends until about 11.30am, with a slow tail until 1pm. I think this is because fewer service providers are online and available during these times. On the few occasions where I've signed on before work I've been busy.

Types of clients, what to talk about and can you do other things at the same time:
Of course, the nature of this work is by default, adult. No two phone calls are the same – sometimes you'll also have the same caller ringing you but not making that clear. I've spent a few hours talking to someone about religion, politics and what food we enjoy. You'll soon learn whether a caller wants you to do all the talking, or whether they do. You may need to be very creative and come up with some interesting topics.

Despite the Channel 4 documentary – you can't do much else whilst you're on the phone to a client. Remember that they're paying for your services and they can tell when you aren't giving them your full attention.

Blocking someone
If you get into a situation where you want to block someone from calling you, you can do this by going to your email inbox and clicking “blocked senders” and then adding the nickname of the person who you want to block. You'll see that I already have someone blocked.

Adult Chat LinesNext week I will be posting a “Questions and Answers” session – please comment on this post or tweet me @emmadrewinfo with your questions. 

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Adult Chat Lines

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