Adding Special Touches to Your Wedding without Blowing the Budget

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Adding Special Touches to Your Wedding without Blowing the Budget

When planning a wedding, one of your first considerations should always be your budget. Wedding magazines and blogs are always filled with stories about how much brides have spent, and how much the average wedding costs, and it can be easy to get carried away. Weddings can be very expensive if you let them. So, it’s essential that you have a clear budget in mind, and that you remind yourself of it when you need a reality check.

But, another consideration will be making your wedding special. You’ll want to add plenty of personal touches to make the day your own. To make it stand out, and to create memories that last forever. You might worry that to have a special wedding, you’ll need to blow your budget. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. It’s perfectly possible that you can have a wedding filled with special touches, without breaking the bank.

Adding Special Touches to Your Wedding without Blowing the Budget


When it comes to planning a wedding, there is a lot to think about, and a lot to spend money on. Some of these things will be important to you. Others won’t matter as much. We all have different priorities, so it’s important to find out what yours are. Have a good think about what parts of your wedding are important to you and your partner, and which elements you’d happily compromise on.

You might want to spend more hiring a great band like The Smooth Criminals so that your guests have a great evening, but be happy to make your own centerpieces. When you know what you want, break your budget down. Allocate money to the things that you don’t want to compromise on and save in other areas.

Remember, there are No Rules

Just because elements of weddings are traditional, doesn’t mean that you have to have them. If you don’t like cake, don’t waste money on a wedding cake. Flowers are great, but you could carry a unique clutch bag down the aisle if you’d prefer. It’s your wedding, do it your way.

Get Creative

If you want your wedding to be unique, make things. You could create a cool brooch bouquet, your own invitations, and stationery. You could ask your friends for help with making decorations and outfits, and you could make cute favours and gifts. There’s plenty that you can do, incorporating things from your relationship into the décor of your wedding to make it truly personal.

Get Your Friends Involved

Another great way to make your day special and unique is to get lots of help. This can also be a fantastic way to save money. If you know someone with photography experience, ask them to take your photos. Your friendship will mean they have a better understanding of what you want, and your photos might be even better than if you’d paid for an expensive photographer. Other areas your friends could help include outfits, food, and music.


Adding Special Touches to Your Wedding without Blowing the Budget


The location of your wedding is one of the best ways to set the tone. Choose a place that means something to you and your partner and your day will automatically be special.

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