Add value to your garden with a water feature

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Listening to the sounds of flowing water and it's surrounding wildlife – like frogs, crickets and birds – is known to make you calmer and more relaxed. What's more, adding a fountain or pond to your garden has some other potential benefits, too. Research from Halifax has found that doing up your garden (by adding water features, hot tubs or barbecues) can potentially increase the value of your home. Without further ado, let's get stuck into some garden inspiration.

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Build your own water feature

It may sound like a daunting construction job, but adding a water feature to your garden doesn't have to mean building a cascading waterfall or another form of grand design. This could be a simple way of getting your garden ready for summer. There are plenty of easy designs online that use a pump system, some vinyl tubing and fittings that you can then disguise under plant pots and rocks to create a gently bubbling fountain.

Give it power

Water features don't need to be plumbed in. Most designs use their own internal supply of water, and just need topping up every now and again. However, they do need electricity. Solar-powered water features run off the sun's rays, which makes them a great option if you don't want any wires winding through your back garden.  If you're planning on running it off the mains, you might want to bury the wire, so make sure you use armoured cable trunking. This will stop you accidentally cutting through it while gardening.

Keep it safe

If you have small children or pets, it's a good idea to keep your whole family safe and dry with a sturdy barrier or fence around your pond or fountain. Patio water features like bubble and ball fountains are fairly child-safe, as the water is shallow and kids can splash around in them when the weather's warm. Equally, if you build your own water feature, keep it low to the ground as taller fountains could overbalance on windy days.

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