Do we actually regret paying for our wonderful luxury wedding?

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Last year we were lucky enough to have the wedding and honeymoon that we wanted. It cost us a lot. It even surprised some people close to us, especially those who knew my frugal ways. So now, over 18 months later, do we regret paying for our wonderful luxury wedding?


The short answer is no, we don't regret paying for our luxury wedding at all! We had the wedding of our dreams and something we will also remember. Here's why we don't regret paying for our luxury wedding.

Our wedding was everything we wanted

This is the most important point – our wedding was everything that we wanted. We both had ideas of things we loved, and we worked together to come up with a wedding that we both wanted and would feel proud of. It meant having a certain venue, an ice cream van and fireworks.

We saved money where we could

Despite choosing a luxury wedding venue, we were still frugal where we could be. We got married on a Thursday which was less than half the cost of a Saturday wedding! I also made the bouquets for myself and the bridesmaids for less than £25, and we were also lucky enough to win our wedding photography. I also saved a ton of money by doing my own wedding make up!

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We could afford it

We were really fortunate to be able to afford to pay for our wedding thanks to earning money online and being frugal in the run up to our wedding. When we first started planning a wedding we had no idea how much it would cost so we didn't set a budget initially, and as our dream wedding started to take shape we saw where the money would need to be spent. This figure became our goal, and we worked hard to make money and save money to afford it. We didn't go in to debt to pay for our wedding.

We had our dream honeymoon

We knew straight away that we would want to have a Disneymoon in Disney World, Florida, which is where Tony proposed.

As the honeymoon started to take shape we added a lot of luxuries along the way – staying at some of Disney's best hotels, lots of shopping and lots of lovely experience. We had an amazing time on honeymoon and we love the memories we made.

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Our wedding was a once in a lifetime experience, and we don't regret the money we spent on it

We are only planning on getting married once, so we felt happy to spend that sort of money on our wedding – a day that we truly loved and everything we wanted. My blog's motto is “make money, save money, live the life you want”, and our wedding day truly encompassed this. We could have done it much, much cheaper, however it was everything we wanted. Even now, 18 months on, we don't regret the amount of money we spent on our big day. After all, what's the point in making extra money and being frugal if you can't spend your money how you want?

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  1. What’s that saying? The bigger the wedding the sooner the divorce? I hope you put as much effort into your marriage as you did your “big day”

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