A Guide To Hiring And Working With Online Tutors

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Information published by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a clear correlation between a person's educational level and their income, with people who have completed higher levels of education earning more money. Sadly, some students don't perform as well as they could, simply because they don't learn effectively in the standard school environment.

Parents of students who are struggling often employ tutors as a way of helping their children succeed. Today, the Internet has caused the world of tutoring to undergo some major changes. Although there are a lot of advantages to online tutoring, many parents questioned whether or not it is the best choice for their child.

Below, you can find detailed information about hiring an online tutor, including tips on how to choose the best tutor for your child.

The Role Of An Online Tutor

A good place to start is by familiarizing yourself with exactly what it is that online tuition is. Their role involves providing one-on-one assistance to students, helping them work through topics that they may be having difficulty with. This teaching typically takes place during the evenings or on weekends when the student is not in class. The lessons can focus on basic skills like learning how to study or on more specific skills like working through problems before a test.

Parents hire tutors for a number of different reasons. In some cases, a student may have fallen behind their classmates. Whether they got off to a slower start or are struggling with the material, a tutor can help them progress to the same level as others in their class. Other times, parents hire tutors to help ensure that their children learn how to manage their time effectively, including setting aside time for studying.

Tutors also are beneficial for helping students prepare for tests. For instance, many tutors help students get ready for the 11+ or GCSE tests. Students who are academically motivated can also benefit from the use of a tutor. The training that they provide can make it easier for them to qualify for scholarships or to get admitted to the school of their choice.

Working with a tutor online provides students with an interactive experience. Some of the tools that these tutors use include the following:

* Face-to-face teaching sessions that are conducted through platforms like Skype or Google hangouts.

* A digital whiteboard that both the student and the tutor can use to write on, draw pictures, or work through problems.

* The ability to share documents safely and securely through an online classroom program.

The Benefits Of Working With Online Tutors

Obtaining tutoring online is one of the most effective ways to help a child learn. When compared to traditional tutoring, getting help online offers the following benefits:

  1. More flexibility. Today, kids are busier than ever. From the time that they get up in the morning until the time that they go to bed at night, they are constantly involved in activities. Between school, sports, and extracurricular activities, there is very little time left for studying. Trying to squeeze traditional tutoring sessions into an already overcrowded schedule can be extremely challenging. With online tutoring, however, there is a lot more flexibility. Because there are so many online tutors out there, finding one who is available when your student has time in their schedule is easy. That means that they can get the help that they need without having to make major adjustments to their current schedule.
  2. Personal attention. There are so many different tools available for online learning that your child's program can be completely personalized, based on how they learn best. From conducting sessions through video chat to working with online tools like whiteboards, this type of tutoring makes it as easy as possible for your child to grasp the information they are learning.
  3. Reasonable pricing. Compared to in-person tutoring, online tutoring is much more affordable.Online tutoring rates usually start at about $15 per hour and go up to approximately $35 per hour. That is a lot cheaper than in-person tutors, who usually charge anywhere from $25-$150 per hour. Best of all, most tutoring sites offer bulk discounts if you are willing to purchase a package that includes multiple tutoring sessions.
  4. Better student interaction. Students who are shy or who lack confidence often have trouble participating in a classroom setting. Working online, however, they usually feel much more secure, meaning that they are more likely to ask for help with things that they don't understand or to open up and explain what they are thinking.
  5. Qualified teachers. Most online tutors are extremely knowledgeable. In fact, the majority of them have degrees, meaning that you can trust that they are qualified to teach your child. Different tutors specialize in different subjects, ranging from helping kids get ready for college to preparing them for a career. They can provide everything from basic help with homework to assistance with preparing for major tests. Best of all, these teachers share their enthusiasm for a subject with your child, helping them develop a lifelong love of learning.

Questions To Ask When Deciding Whether Or Not To Hire An Online Tutor

Signing up for online tutoring is a major commitment – both from a time perspective and a financial perspective. Prior to signing up, ask yourself these questions:

Can you accomplish the same thing by using free or low-cost tools?

For instance, could your child learn as effectively by visiting the library or by watching online videos? Depending on the needs of your child, these tools may provide a more affordable option than working with an online tutor.

Is your computer powerful enough to handle online tutoring sessions?

Although you will want to check the requirements of the tutoring service that you plan on hiring, you typically will need a computer with a minimum of 512 MB of memory and a 1 GHz processor. You will also need access to a fast Internet connection, a high-quality camera, and a microphone. To ensure that your system is compatible with the tutoring service, you also need a modern operating system and an updated web browser.

What qualifications do the tutors have?

When comparing online tutoring services, find out what steps they take to screen their tutors. Some companies allow pretty much anyone to sign up to offer tutoring, which can be bad for your child. Look for a service that thoroughly vets their tutors to make sure that they are fully qualified for the job.

What style of learning would make your child the most comfortable?

When it comes to online learning, there are a lot of different ways to communicate. Some kids work best when they can see their tutor face-to-face through video calls. Others prefer to chat or to communicate through message boards. Talk to your child about which option they prefer. That way, your child is more likely to be excited about learning.

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