9 Crucial Features to Look for When Choosing Your E-Commerce Cart

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Choosing your e-commerce cart can be one tricky job. You should not focus on mobile readiness and site loading speed alone. We will unveil the basics here that every e-commerce store must offer.

How to choose your e-commerce cart

Before looking into those basics, it is crucial that you identify the requirements. You need to figure out whether you require a hosted cart or a self-hosted cart. Both of the mentioned options have their pluses.

When you go for self-hosted carts, then the benefit of these carts is that they are not dependent on an external server. If you are running a small business or mid-size business, then consider opting for a hosted cart.

However, you need to remember the downside of the hosted carts as well. The problem with the hosted carts is that they are not as flexible the open source solutions. The positive side of the picture is that hosted carts offer security and user-friendliness despite compromising on flexibility.

What to look for you in your e-commerce cart

Let us unveil what to look for in your e-commerce cart

A cool collection of free apps

All reputed e-commerce carts offer a variety of widgets and free apps that you can easily integrate into your store. Go for these carts.

Zoomable images

A good e-commerce cart offers product images that are zoomable.

Access to product reviews

The cart should give you access to product ratings and review.

Multiple payment gateways

Try searching for a platform that provides multiple payment gateways.


SEO Tools and product options

The cart must offer ample product options. Secondly, SEO tools are the lifeline of any e-commerce cart, so you should get access to these tools as well.

Coupons, mobile-ready design and import/export facility

Your selected e-commerce cart should not deprive you of discounts and coupons. Remember all favorite e-commerce carts offer mobile-ready design, so you should not compromise on this aspect. Look for carts that provide product import and export capability.

If you e-commerce cart offers blog integration, then this is an additional incentive. Additionally, every e-commerce store should provide the following:

Free templates

Your e-commerce cart should provide you with free templates and themes. The benefit of the themes is that a good developer can easily modify these themes to suit your requirements. If you are looking for excellent themes, then Shopify is a clear winner for sure.

Shopify offers about ten different themes and seven different templates. You can carry out b.ig commerce vs. Shopify comparison to figure out which shopping cart provides the best templates.

Intuitive dashboard

Scalability features are the forte of any e-commerce platform so that you do not have to switch to another cart once your business is booming. For example, it is crucial that your e-commerce cart should offer an intuitive dashboard.

It should be easy for you to add the marketing campaigns and add new products even if you have no previous web-experience. The cart must offer equal value to those individuals as well who have previous web experience.

Your e-commerce platform should have CSS and HTML editors in the Admin section so that you can customize your site as per your need when your business starts to grow. When we talk about scalability, then we cannot ignore Shopify Plus for sure.

It is geared towards the large businesses and offers unlimited bandwidth, so you can consider opting for Shopify Plus once your business grows. Big commerce enterprise vs. Shopify plus comparison can give you the clear picture about the best choice.



Consider opting for an e-commerce platform that offers great visibility, so that you can increase your customer portfolio. Big Commerce offers several apps that can help increase your customers. It has an app by the name of Fomo. This app displays a pop-up alert on your browser once anyone purchases from your store.

In short, this app gives insight to the customers about the current trends, so do not miss out on exclusive visibility features when you choose your e-commerce cart.

Now, that you have a clear idea what you should look for in your e-commerce cart, let us discuss how you can go about your e-commerce cart selection. Ideally, select an e-commerce cart that offers you a trial of about 14 days. It should not be a requirement for you to enter your credit card information for this time frame. The benefit of the trial is that you can check out if the e-commerce cart suits your needs and will not end up wasting your money on the wrong platform.

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