6 ways to manage your fertility budget

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Today I have a fantastic guest post for you from Egg Donation Friends, who want to show you that exploring fertility treatments can be affordable. 

Fertility treatments costs like IVF procedures or egg donation program plus hormonal medicine add up quickly. Just one egg donation cycle in a UK clinic can cost you anywhere from €10,000 (£8,700) or more depending on what additional procedures you choose. Many clinics do not include fertility medications in the programs they offer so you have to bear in mind that you will most probably need more money than just the program price.

Unfortunately, very rarely clinics offer 100% guarantee on live birth after the first IVF cycle. Some couples may need a few cycles to get pregnant, so be prepared to manage your fertility budget well. Here are a bunch of tips that can help you go through the fertility treatment without breaking your bank.

Start saving money well before you choose a clinic for your treatment.

  • Plan your meals and ditch takeaways on week days. Leaving preparing meals for the last moment makes you opt for takeaway or convenience foods. These are always more expensive than cooking at home from the scratch. Takeaways are not very healthy either. Planning meals does not have to be boring: check what basic products you have in your pantry (rice, pasta, flour) and just buy ingredients that will go well with these. This way you will use up your supplies and avoid unnecessary spending.
  • Switch to cheaper utilities providers. Check if you are able to pay less for your mobile, electricity or Internet by comparing offers online.
  • Opt out of your entertainment subscriptions (Netflix, Spotify, etc.).
  • Quit your gym membership or yoga class and work out at home. You will find great workout by famous fitness and yoga instructors online. Check YouTube or Instagram for inspiration.
  • Check other ways of saving money in 2018.

Find a clinic that offers guarantees

Who doesn’t love guarantees? There are European clinics out there that offer 100% Pregnancy Guarantee Program: if your cycle does not result in a viable pregnancy, you get your money back or you can undergo a second round of IVF free of charge. If you cannot find a clinic with money back guarantee, go for donor egg guarantee in fresh egg donation program. Such guarantee is for a specific number of eggs retrieved from the donor – in this case you know exactly what you are paying for. Imagine a situation where you purchased a fresh egg donation program, and the egg donor you booked supplied only 4 mature eggs. That would be an extreme disappointment and waste of money. Clinics usually offer 8-12 eggs guaranteed, but there are also clinics offering all eggs from donor guaranteed. This, of course, will be reflected in the price, but it is a deal worth considering. Some clinics go further in being patient friendly and offering cost-effective programs with embryo guarantee. Bear in mind that even if you have 12 eggs from a donor usually only half of them gets fertilized. Out of these six fertilised eggs only 2-3 will reach the blastocyst stage. If you are faced with two choices: an egg donation program for EUR6,000 with 8 eggs guaranteed or another one for EUR6,000 with all egg guaranteed – the choice will be simple.

Use a voucher

Yes, some websites for fertility patients and clinics offer vouchers for IVF treatment. Use an eggdonationfriends.com voucher to get EUR450 or even EUR900 off on egg donation program in one of the clinics listed. The vouchers are offered only by selected clinics.

Consider using a known donor from your family or friends circle

If you live in a country where using known/open egg donors is legal and you feel comfortable with this idea, this will be the cheapest option for you. Such help from a sister, friend or a cousin would an ultimate gift for you.

Consider using a shared egg donor

If you share a donor with another couple, you will receive only half of the retrieved eggs. Therefore, make sure you pick a young and healthy donor who will be able to give the biggest number of eggs (on average it is 16).

Find an affordable egg donate clinic abroad

Finding an affordable egg donation clinic abroad can really help you to save money. IVF in the UK can be expensive mainly because the clinics’ maintenance costs are higher than in Europe. Choosing a fertility clinic abroad will allow you to have treatment up to three times cheaper while maintaining high standards of patient care and IVF. Cheapest country for egg donation treatment are, for example, Greece, Poland or Ukraine – it is worth checking their offer and cheap flights to Europe as it may turn out to be the most affordable option.

Before you make a decision to start the treatment at your chosen clinic, consider these six tips to make your journey to parenthood more affordable.

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