50 ways to save money THIS WEEK

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Whether you are embracing a new frugal lifestyle or you are trying to make it to pay day, there are plenty of ways that you can save money this week. Here is a list of 50 ways to save money this week.

Of course you don't have to do all 50 this week, but these will give you lots of ideas for saving money.

1 – Keep a spending diary

Keeping a spending diary will help you to see exactly where your money is going, and it is a good habit to get into anyway. Every week go through the diary and see where you are spending money unnecessarily.

2 – Get a £5 Pizza Express voucher

If you like eating out then get yourself a £5 Pizza Express voucher and save money every single time that you eat out.

3 – Switch energy providers

When was the last time you looking at your energy prices and looked to see if switching could save you money?

Last time I did this I saved £163 and got a £50 credit applied to my account.

Click here to see how we can both get £50 when you switch to renewable energy from Bulb. 

4 – Shop your bathroom

Your bathroom is another area that you can easily ‘shop'. If you are anything like me then chances are you have a ton of new products to use, but stored away where you can't see them. Now you get the joy of using something new without it costing you a penny.

5 – Take out an Amazon Prime free trial

Amazon Prime comes with tons of benefits, and you can get a free 30 day trial.

Enjoy free one day delivery on your Amazon orders, or choose no-rush delivery to get Kindle credit for free.

You can also enjoy Amazon videos with lots of tv box sets and films to choose from.

Get your free Prime trial here.

6 – Earn yourself a £20 Amazon gift voucher in just two weeks

MobileXpression want to shape the way that we connect to the internet on our phones, so they need to collect real life data on how we use our phones. To compensate us for giving our details over, they are offering you a £20 Amazon voucher after two week, AND a £10 Amazon voucher every month after.

Click here to sign up and earn your Amazon gift voucher today. 

7 – Take out a Netflix free trial

Netflix costs just £5.99, but if you haven't joined before, or you haven't been a member for awhile then you can get yourself a free trial.

8 – Take out a Hayu free trial

Hayu brings you reality tv, and I'm surprised at how much I found to enjoy! You can get a free trial here.

9 – Join Quidco

Quidco is a cashback website, and I have made over £2,100 cashback on my usual shopping.

Click here to join Quidco.

10 – Turn your thermostat down

Turning your thermostat down by just 1 degree is a great way to save money. If you aren't using your heating then you can still save money by turning your water temperature down.

11 – Save money without trying with Plum

Automating your savings is a great way to save without it impacting your bank balance too much. I have been using Plum to automatically take some money from my bank account and put into savings on a regular basis.

To get started, just sign up and connect your bank account. Plum will then automatically skim your bank account depending on the saving mood that you set. It will never put you into your overdraft, and you can withdraw your savings at any time – it takes about a day for them to get into your bank.

12 – Shop your kitchen

Make all your meals for the next week based just on what you already have in your kitchen. Search your fridge, freezer and cupboards to see what you can use up to make your meals.

13 – Count your coins

Your coin jar might have more money in it than you thought!

You don't even need to pay Coinstar machines to sort your coins.

You can bag them yourself to deposit into your bank, or some bank branches even have coin counting machines.

Alternatively you can use them in self checkout tills to pay for your shopping.

14 – Do some baking

Baking is a great activity that not only passes the time, it also gives you a delicious treat at the end!

15 – Take your own lunches to work

A lunch meal deal costs around £3-£4, so you can easily save £15-£20 per week by taking your own lunches to work.

You can make your own sandwiches, salads and soups, or cook extra for your evening meals the night before and take leftovers.

16 – Cancel unwanted subscriptions

Many of us are paying for subscriptions we don't even know about!

You can manually go through your bank statements, or use something like Bean for free.

17 – Find 0% credit cards to move your debts to

If you are paying interest on credit card debts then it might be worth switching to a 0% credit card to save on interest.

18 – Drink more water

I really struggle to drink more water, but it is one of the cheapest drinks there is.

As well as being cheap, it is really good for us.

By staying hydrated you should be able to eat less, remain focused and have better skin. You can even get yourself a cute water bottle to encourage you to drink more.

19 – Switch to paperless billing

Did you know that some companies charge you for paper statements?

Switch to paperless billing to save money and lower paper waste.

20 – Switch broadband and phone

Switching your phone and broadband provider is another great way to save money.

If you are in a contract then find out when it expires and set a reminder for yourself.

21 – Upload receipts to Receipt Hog & Shoppix

Did you know that your receipts can earn you money?

Upload them to Receipt Hog and Shoppix to earn points, which can be converted to Amazon gift cards or Paypal cash.

22 – Register for mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is not only a great way to make money, but you can also save money by getting your shopping or meals reimbursed.

Click here for my guide to mystery shopping in the UK.

23 – Consider a side hustle

Making extra money from side hustles is a great way to reach your financial goals.

There are so many great ways to make money on the side, and this week gives you a great chance to try out different side hustles.

Check out 100 legitimate ways to make extra money for some ideas.

24 – Visit a car boot sale

Car boot sales are a great place to find items cheaply, and you never know what you will find by visiting one.

We also buy things to resell on eBay at car boot sales:

25 – Visit charity shops

Charity shops are another great place to visit to find great bargains.

You never know what you will find at a charity shop!

26 – Shop your wardrobe

Your wardrobe is another area that you can easily ‘shop'. You might find long forgotten about items that you love! If you are going shopping then save money using discount offers from CouponsMonk or Don't Pay Full.

27 – Join Top Cashback

Top Cashback is another great cashback website, where you can earn cashback on your usual spending.

Click here to join Top Cashback.

28 – Haggle with Sky

Did you know that you can haggle with Sky to lower your bills?

Did you know that you can haggle with Sky online?

I saved a massive £471.60 off my Dad's Sky bill over 18 months.

29 – Make your own cleaning products

Making your own cleaning products is a great way to be more environmentally friendly and to save money.

Here are some cleaning tips from a Channel 4 Obsessive Compulsive Cleaner.

30 – Budget for Christmas

Christmas happens every year, and yet many of us are still caught out by the increased spending.

Putting money aside for Christmas from today will help you to manage the cost of Christmas more easily.

You could also try out the Asda Christmas Savings Card to spread the cost of Christmas.

31 – Create e-savings accounts

Forget about the interest rates (because they are appalling), however an e-savings account gives you a different pot of money in your bank.

This means that you can easily put aside money for things like your annual costs, or Christmas, but still have easy access to it.

32 – Budget for your annual spending

There are some annual costs where you can save money by paying for the entire year, such as your car insurance.

Budget for these ahead of time by splitting the annual cost by 12 months, or 52 weeks (depending on how often you get paid) and putting the money aside.

33 – Set yourself a savings goal

Whether you want to save a specific amount, or save for a certain thing (like a holiday or a new car), having a savings goal helps to keep you on track.

Set yourself a goal and download the 1% at a time printable to help you along the way.

34 – Redo your budget

A budget doesn't have to show the least amount of money you will spend, best case scenario. Rather it should show your income compared to your existing outgoings. You can use a spreadsheet or this budget planner.

We do one every January, but throughout the year some of our bills go up. For example, in March we find out how much our council tax increases by.

If your income doesn't cover your outgoings then you can work on increasing your income, decreasing your outgoings or a mixture of both.

35 – Get an Audible free trial

Audible is a great way to listen to audio books, and you can get yourself a free trial by clicking here.

36 – Sell unwanted gift cards on Zeek

If you have a gift card or voucher lurking around that you know you won't spend, why not sell it for cash?

Click here to learn more about selling unwanted gift cards with Zeek.

37 – Sign up for Shopmium

Shopmium is an app that gives you cashback on groceries and other household purchases. Sometimes you can even get free products!

Click here to learn more about Shopmium.

38 – Sign up for Checkout Smart

CheckoutSmart is another great app for getting cashback on groceries and other household spending.

Click here to download CheckoutSmart for free.

39 – Sign up for coupons

Coupons are a great way to save money, especially on your groceries. You can sign up for coupons to be emailed to you, check out CouponsMonk.

40 – Declutter items

Decluttering your home allows you to not only keep your home clutter free, but you can also make extra money by selling your unwanted items. You can sell them on the Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Mercari and Gumtree.

41 – List on eBay

If you are anything like me then you have a growing eBay pile and not enough time to get everything listed. You might even be tempted to just bin the items, but listing them on eBay means that you can earn some extra money in the process.

42 – Enter competitions

Entering competitions is a great hobby – it is like window shopping but every once in awhile you get something that you have been browsing for!

One of my first few competition wins was a £3,000 holiday, so it can be really lucrative.

43 – Entertain at home

Instead of going out for a meal or some drinks, entertain at home.

This is a fraction of the cost of going out, and if you are struggling before pay day then chances are your friends are too! Ask them to bring a bottle of wine, dessert or something else.

44 – Make a birthday list

How many times have you remembered a birthday at the last minute and had to spend a lot of money on a card and/or gift from a convenience store?

Making a list of birthdays and other special occasions throughout the year means you can plan in advance for them and find cards and gifts within your budget. You can even save money by posting cards second class.

45 – Repair something

Is there something in your home or wardrobe that needs repairing? Have you been putting it off?

By repairing it you can save money by not having to replace it, so make it your mission this week to repair something.

46 – Cancel free trials

If you have taken out a free trial of something then this is your reminder to cancel it unless you want to continue with your subscription.

47 – Order a free 02 Sim card for o2 priority

02 Priority gives 02 customers special offers, but did you know that you can get 02 Priority even if you aren't an 02 customer?

Click here to find out more.

48 – Visit a museum

Many museums offer free entry, so visiting one is a great free activity. You might even be lucky enough to find classes or talks on interesting subjects.

49 – Sign up for a free water kit

Most water boards offer a free water saving kit (we are with Anglian water and they offer this scheme). These kits help you to save water, and around £40 per year from your water bill.

50 – DIY spa day

Treat yourself after a hard week of saving money by giving yourself a DIY spa day. You can make your own beauty products or use items you have found in your bathroom throughout the week. You can enjoy a bath, face mask, manicure, pedicure and more.

51 – Join the library

Your local library is an amazing resource, with everything from books to classes and talks. Visit your local library, or join, to see how you can benefit.



20 Comments on “50 ways to save money THIS WEEK”

  1. Great list! Im especially going to check out these cashback apps. And I wish you’d let us in on the secret of where to find these high paying competitions!

  2. I’ve made sure the heating is off now and it won’t be coming back on until November! Over the years we have reduced it to just 15c and got used to it with plenty of jumpers.

  3. I’m definitely doing number 5 this week! I sat down the other day to make a list of new clothing bits that I might want to buy for my upcoming holiday, and made a quick list of the evening outfits that I already had… I realised that I had at least 8 that I could think of, off the top of my head – so I definitely don’t need to hit the shops and spend a small fortune! That said… if I see any special bargains in a charity shop between now and then, I might just be tempted!

  4. Imagine if we all did all 50 of these, we’d save a fortune! I need to haggle with or cancel our Sky subscription, that’s one area we could save a good bit of money! Totally agree with museums being a great, free day out, we’ve done this lots of times with the kids and they always love it! Fab tips 🙂 #MondayMoney

  5. It is easy to forget the many ways you can save money. I recently signed up for my 1st mystery shopper gig via your Money Making course. Looking forward to the meeting although a little apprehensive that I am there under false pretences!

  6. I love the way you word “shop your wardrobe/shop your bathroom”. Doing an audit and organising the stuff you own is a great money saving technique. A while ago I discovered I had enough bathroom products from birthdays/christmases scattered everywhere to last about a year.

  7. Lots of great ideas here! Had to laugh at the ‘shop your bathroom’ one… I had a look through my bathrooms cupboards the other day and I think have enough products to open up my own branch of Superdrug!

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