50 bloggers tell you what they won’t scrimp on

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50 bloggers tell you what they won't scrimp on

The motto of my blog is make money, save money and live the life you want. I choose to have a thrifty life, saving money on my every day spending. However there are lots of things that I won't scrimp on.

50 bloggers tell you what they won't scrimp on

I won't scrimp on holidays – I love visiting Orlando, and whilst I am happy to save money on our trips to Orlando, I still want to go every year.

Another thing that we won't scrimp on is butter or margarine. It is the one item I am a brand snob about.

I asked 50 bloggers to share the items they won't scrimp on, and I love seeing what they have come up with!

Don't forget to let me know in the comments what you won't scrimp on.

“I don't skimp on outdoors gear, whether that be shoes, clothing, bikes, and so on. Quality gear can make being outdoors much more fun and they can usually handle much more of a beating (which if you go outdoors as much as we do is what you need!)” Michelle from Making Sense of Cents.

“I don't skimp on bed sheets. It's been said that the average person spends 33 percent of their life sleeping. That's a lot of time! So I'm willing to pay for higher-quality sheets that feel better on my skin in order to get the best night's sleep possible, every time.” Anna from Real Ways to Earn.

“I don't skimp on toilet paper. I use to get the cheapest toilet paper I could find but upon switching to a reliable brand, I will never go back. Those few extra dollars is totally worth the thickness and comfort. Charmin Extra Strength is what I buy. My husband is pretty happy with it too.” Rina from When the Bra Comes Off

“We don't skimp on good coffee, or should I say our favorite brand of coffee.  For a while we were buying whatever was cheapest to save money and not enjoying our most important drink of the day. So, now we make it a point to get the stuff we actually enjoy even if it costs a bit more. One brand we enjoy is Starbucks but only a particular type so i signed up for Starbucks rewards to get something out of it.” Felice from Meals Heals Feels.

“So random, but I won't skimp on paper towels!! I'm a nut about good quality cleaning products as well… those things make all the difference when I'm cleaning and time is money!” Brittany from Brittany Rose Lynn.

“I won't skimp on cereal!! Even though I'm older and don't eat it much any more, I always buy name brand cereal. People say things like “it's the same thing” or “you can't tell the difference” but its not the same and you can tell the difference! Trust me generic cereal isn't worth the money saved.” Jusstin-Keith from The Social Introvert Dad.

“We don't skimp on Internet speed since my husband is taking online college classes and I blog so much. Slow Internet just wouldn't be an option for us. Plus, we buy organic meat to cook for our toddlers and us.” Kristina from Planes and Balloons.

“I won't skimp on running shoes. I buy every other kind of shoe on sale or at thrift stores or flea markets. But not running shoes. You can't get them used or they will be worn funny and could actually hurt you (done that in the past),  and in my opinion you need a running shoe that matches your stride and foot. I prefer to go to the store with the professionals to watch my stride and try out different brands. ” Melissa from Flea Market Flipper.

“I won't skimp on shampoo, CrossFit shoes, sports bras, makeup, laundry detergent, or my pups' food and treats. I've tried to skimp on these items before, but I end up spending more money to replace the items due to preference, performance, quality. I just bite the bullet with these knowing I'll be happier with something I really like instead of skimping for something that's cheaper.” Kilah from Mind Over Metcon.

“I don't skimp on books. Books to me are an incredible investment. If there’s a book that interest me I buy it, even if I can’t read it immediately.” R.j. from The Ways to Wealth.

“I won't skimp on food. At my house, we buy as much organic and local as possible. I truly believe that what you eat affects your health. I would rather pay now and be healthy than pay for hospital bills later.” Abby from Journeys of Yoga.

“Laundry detergent! I've tried making my own (massive fail: dirty, dingy, moldy clothes). The cheap stuff doesn't dissolve well in my HE machine and doesn't remove stains or get whites white. I now use Persil, and it removes stains without pretreating and gets everything clean. My time is valuable and with 7 kids and a hubby who gets dirty at work, I don't have time to micromanage each piece of laundry.” Carrie from Carrie Willard.

“I won't skimp on holidays, home interior and nice clothes, there the reason I skimp on everything else to afford the luxuries and if I can get the luxuries for a bit cheaper then that's a bonus.” Lauren from The Shrew Life.

“Much as it pains me to pay the extra, I won't skimp on children's shoes. I take the children to be fitted at Clarks, although I always hope to find something the right size on the sale shelves. Plus I'd rather buy good quality clothes second hand from a charity shop than spend the same amount on fast fashion that might fall to pieces.” Faith at Much More with Less.

“In our house we won't go near cheap sausages! Some things aren't worth putting yourself through to save a few pence… it's decent sausages or none at all.” Lee from Homely Economics.

“One of the reasons that I'm frugal and try to save money is to have fun with the kids with the money we save. I want them to have fun experiences and to be able to travel with them as much as possible and see as much of the world, including the UK, as we possibly can together. That's not cheap but I'll work as hard as I can in other areas of our lives to save money to pay for it.” Cass at The Diary of a Frugal Family.

“Brown sauce! Cheaper makes of brown sauce and ketchup just tastes like plastic! And dog poo bags. You don't want your finger ripping through a cheap flimsy one.” Hollie from Thrifty Mum.

“If there are questionable ethics I'd rather pay more – especially for meat and dairy when I get free range or organic.” Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash

“I don't scrimp on online backups. I pay extra for full resolution google photos even though normal resolution pictures are saved for free!! In the future having the best quality/resolution photos is worth every penny.” Adam from Magical Penny.

Ice Cream – if we're having it then it's Ben & Jerrys or similar. Even if we only want vanilla it'll be Walls Cornish. Supermarket own is never quite right in my opinion.” Chermaine from Chammy In Real Life.  

“My moisturiser. I've been using it since 18 and it's not cheap – but hey, I still get asked for ID – so I think that says it all!” Kalpana from Mummy Money Matters.

“Getting my car serviced regularly. And replacing tyres when they are worn, not hoping to get by for another few months. It's a matter of safety.” Sara from The Debt Camel.

“For me it's make up and skin care. I try and be thrifty in all aspects of my life but when it comes to my skin I have to be careful as it's super sensitive so I do buy higher end products. I will often spend more on my make up than I do on a whole outfit!” Jennifer from My Mummy's Pennies.

“The only thing I won't and can't scrimp on are allergy free essentials for my son. He has multiple severe allergies so some ‘free from' foods, as expensive as they are, are essential for him and he misses out on so much, I will spend what I need to for him to experience a variety of foods.” Michelle from Time and Pence.

“As a parent blogger I've written about paying more for ‘premium' items that make my life easier, like a decent pushchair. Sometimes a premium price tag can actually represent good value.” Olly from Savvy Dad.

“Fish Fingers. They've got to be cod. They're more expensive, but the other fish fingers made up of various bits don't taste right!” Pete from Household Money Saving.

“Tomatoes. Cheap toms have the texture of rubber and the flavour of cardboard. It has to be vine-ripened for me!” Nick from Pounds and Sense.

“I won't scrimp on things that develop relationships. For example, my girlfriend and I go forró dancing once a fortnight and do acro yoga too. I will spend more money to go on holiday with friends, and I'm happy to pay for Starbucks if it's to meet someone new.Relationships are the ultimate investment. You don't need to put in much to get a lifetime of friendship. When all else fails, it is your friends and family who support you. When you find yourself homeless, without food, or in need; it is your closest circle who will stand by you. I'm happy to spend for that.” Tom from Latest Deals.

“School uniform. My son comes home covered in mud, grass stains, grime, ink, food and who-knows-what every day. So I have 5 sets of everything, from shirt to socks, and launder the heck out of it all every week. I bought new and bought good quality and hardwearing brands (e.g. Clark's shoes, M&S trousers and socks) so that it will last. ” Karyn from Miss Thrifty.

“I won't skimp on jeans! Cheap pairs get holes very quickly, especially if you wear them 24/7 like I do. My Levi pair cost me £50 but are still going after 5 years. No holes, shape change or colour damage!” Laura from Savings 4 Savvy Mums.

“School shoes. I always buy Geox or Converse because even though they're expensive, they last forever…..especially if you've got a very active little boy!” Rachel from The Daisy Pages.

“Disney holidays…. I always book through Disney as a full package, always stay on site. I guess it's my treat and because Disney is my passion!” Rebecca from Meadow Daisy.  

“A good bra! There's nothing that can ruin an outfit, or be more uncomfortable then an ill fitting bra.” Kariss from Shy, Strange, Manic.

“Bin bags and Vanish! Cheap flimsy bin bags are completely pointless as you just end up having to double bag and cheaper stain removers just don't work in my experience.” Adele from Nest & Dressed.

“Earrings! If it's going inside your body you don't want it to be cheap. I've had the earlobes go green and sore and it's never worth it for fast fashion.” Laura from Laura Hadley.

“Tights – cheap ones always ladder/hole up really fast.” Katy from School Run Beauty.

“If 2 pounds a bottle can make the difference between drinking vinegar or a great, full bodied red… I'm happy to pay up. Oh! And Afternoon Teas… ever since I went to Fortnum's I cannot seem to enjoy an afternoon tea anywhere else. ” Lieze from Glitter Rebel.

“Handbags. I will always buy a good quality leather one (not necessarily designer). They last literally years instead of buying a new one every few months when a handle breaks or something. I sound like a right prima Donna now…but my current bag has been going since 2009 with daily use!!” Anna from Anna International.

“Sports bras. I'm a runner and whilst I might scrimp on other things, I refuse to buy a sports bra just because it's cheap. Once the damage is done, there is no going back – a good sports bra can prevent back pain and breast tissue damage. It does my head in when people put price before comfort and suitability on something so important.” Helen from Hels Bels.

“Butter. I can't have any others except for Lurpak! I even joined a local selling group for Spain to see if there were any English shops that stocked it for when we were there” Charlotte from Saving For Disney.

“Bread! Cheap bread is the worst and it's surely full of nasty added ingredients.” Nina from Nia Patten Looks.

“Meat. I'd rather eat less meat and know the animal had a good life. Luckily I've a fantastic local butchers so that helps.” Stephanie from Life at 139a.

“Key pieces of clothing – I would rather spend a little extra on classic items that are made well, will wash well and that last by not being fashion dependant. I have items from Boden and Lands Ends that come out every Summer for the past 8 years. I bring them up to date with the latest trends and colours with budget accessories.” Ange from Garden, Tea, Cakes and Me.

“Organic food and natural skincare – I believe there's nothing more important than what you put in and on your body as well as into the environment. Super cheap food can also mean someone is paying the price and farmers are being exploited.” Victoria from Lylia Rose.

“When I can afford it I always buy airport executive lounge tickets. It's worth it for the peace and quiet, free Wi-Fi and electric sockets to plug in my laptop as well as the food and drink.” Melissa from Fly Drive Explore.

“Quality childcare. You can't leave your child with a young teenager because she is cheap” Faisal from Kidsitter.

I'm don't scrimp when it comes to biscuits! I am thrifty in every other way but my cookies have to be Maryland or Millie's.” Charlotte from Shoestring Chic.

“Bed sheets! We spend so much of our time sleeping and so I don't skimp on bedding.” Natalia from British Style UK.

I don't scrimp when it comes to my toddler son! I rarely buy things for myself, even the littlest of things. I've needed a replacement piercing bar that costs £1 for 2 years and I refuse to because its not a necessity. But if my son really likes something or needs something, he gets!” Kaiden from A Suffolk Dad.  

“Nappies and entertainment! As a new mum I've tried a few different brands of nappies and found that it's worth paying more to minimise nasty accidents. Also, Netflix and Amazon Prime have provided some much needed entertainment while breastfeeding.” Saskia from New Mum's Journey.

50 bloggers tell you what they won't scrimp on







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