5 ways to work out on a budget

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5 ways to work out on a budget

The average gym membership costs £30-£50 a month, with many memberships costing even more than this. Chuck in a weekly yoga class on top of that, and you’re looking at nearly £100 a month! At these prices, and with 1 in 7 people paying for a gym membership, this is sure one lucrative industry. Working out doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of pounds a year though, luckily there are some thrifty alternatives so that you can work out on a budget without needing to spend lots of money in the process.

Working out doesn’t have to cost the earth. Luckily there are some thrifty alternatives so that you can work out on a budget without breaking the bank by Emma at EmmaDrew.info #SaveMoney #WorkoutFree #MoneySaving

Swim in the great outdoors

So this one may not be for the fainthearted, but braving the great outdoors for a swim is both invigorating and thrifty. If you are lucky enough to live beside the seaside, the sea gives you a free option for a great workout- just make sure that you are safe and go out to sea on a calm day. If you have a lake nearby that is suitable for swimming, this could also be a really great option for a free workout.

If you live in a city, you may have access to an outdoor lido at the cost of a few pounds. Check if there is a lido near you, this could be perfect for a workout that comes in below budget. If you manage to find a lido with a heated pool, you could even use this during the winter months.

Join local running clubs

Local running clubs are often cheap to join, or even completely free in some areas. You can search for clubs in your area using this handy tool, and if there is not one already up and running, why not start up your own? There are plenty of people around looking to join others in a running club, and having other people relying on you gives you some great motivation to turn up and get some exercise. If you’re new to running, the camaraderie of a running club will get you off to a great start too.  

Outdoor work out groups or sports teams

Many towns and cities offer outdoor work out groups where you can practise anything from yoga to tai chi. Most of these will cost a few pounds, but they will cost considerably less than other indoor classes at gyms and fitness centres.

Committing to a local sports team is also a great way to stay in shape, and even make some new friends at the same time. You will probably have to pay to join local sports teams, but this is likely to be a lot less than a typical gym membership, and you can also enjoy the social side of playing a sport.

YouTube videos

You can find just about anything you can think of on YouTube, and that includes a huge variety of work out videos. You can often find one account that will offer videos from beginner to advanced- this is the perfect way to intensify your workout as you grow stronger and fitter with time. You can very easily tailor your workout to your mood with YouTube videos, so if you were planning on a high intensity workout but came home fancying yoga instead? You can do just that! The best part about YouTube videos is that they are completely free.

Workout DVDs

Workout DVDs can cost as much as £59.95 for the famous Insanity workout DVD, which has been hailed as a 30 day success by many. But have you ever thought about purchasing a workout DVD from a charity shop or car boot sale? A second hand workout DVD could cost as little as a pound or two, and you could use this time and time again. A workout DVD is also really easy to fit into your schedule as you can work out in the comfort of your own home. A bonus of this as opposed to YouTube videos, is that you can workout without the hassle of watching any adverts. If you need weights for the workout DVD, you could use full tin cans or water bottles as makeshift weights if you would rather not pay out for expensive equipment.

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5 ways to work out on a budget

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