5 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

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5 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

If you haven’t already heard of Pinterest, it’s a visual social media site, where you essentially have virtual pinboards to ‘pin’ content that you love. Users interact by following each other, ‘repinning’ and commenting on each other’s content. Pinterest is a fantastic tool for any blogger due to the large number of users and the fact that you can utilise this platform to drive more traffic to your site and ultimately make money on Pinterest. 

Pinterest is still lesser known than other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but with over 150 million users, it’s worth using this free platform to your advantage to make some extra money online.

Using Affiliate Links

As of last year, Pinterest is now allowing its users to directly add affiliate links to their pins as opposed to previously where you could only have affiliate links on your blog page which were then linked to the Pinterest image. When a user clicks through an affiliate link and goes on to make a purchase, you will earn a small commission. If you’re currently a blogger yourself, use this to your advantage, and get pinning! With affiliate links directly on pins, users are much more likely to click through than if they had to go to your blog, and then click through. However, linking to blog posts through your Pinterest images is still the main goal here to hopefully get more overall traffic to your blog and increase your readership.


If you have an established blog with a sizeable social media following, part of a sponsorship deal with a brand might be to post about them on one (or more) of your social media channels. You could add Pinterest sharing as part of a sponsorship package and monetise on this by charging more for this add-on. Not every brand will want a Pinterest share, and for some, Pinterest may not even be on their radar yet as a social media tool. But, if you offer this extra as part of a sponsorship deal, there is a chance they would like to get on board and gain access to those 150 million users.

Become a Pinterest Expert

That’s right, you can now sell your services as a Pinterest consultant. Businesses are starting to tap into the power of Pinterest and need expert help to build up their profile on this social media channel. If you already fancy yourself as a bit of a Pinterest whizz, and you are willing to learn more, you could begin to pitch for freelancing jobs in this niche area and start making some money from your Pinterest skills. Offering your services on job sites such as PeoplePerHour and blogging groups on Facebook is likely to land you some new clients so that you can start earning money from Pinterest.

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If you already have your own craft business or would like to get one set up, Pinterest is an absolute must for you. Since Pinterest is such a visual site, it is the perfect place to share beautiful images of your crafts and get customers flocking to your store. The more traffic you get to your store, the more money you can make! Pinterest is hugely popular for DIY, crafting and handmade communities, so there isn’t a better place to start sharing your images. If you have always wanted to try out a craft and set up your own small business, Pinterest can help you out again as you will have access to so many step-by-step tutorials to help you hone your skills and put you on the right tracks to make your first sales.

Audience research

If you are a blogger, Pinterest is a valuable tool to research your audience and see what other posts they have pinned, and other content that they are interested in. This isn’t a direct way to make money from Pinterest, but by finding out what other content your readers are consuming and enjoying, you can get some ideas for blog posts to help you better serve your audience. By writing the best content for your audience and finding out more about your loyal readers, you can also begin to offer products and services that are most helpful to them.

5 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

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